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Sicko is a Michael Moore documentary about the corrupt health care system in The United States who's main goal is to make profit even if it means losing peoples lives. "The more people you deny health insurance the more money we make" is the business model for health care providers in America.
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Michael Moore
George W Bush
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Billy Crystal
Directed By: Michael Moore

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flavio_x says...
8 years ago
"Really good movie which leaves you thinking that the so-called greatest country in the world is not so great. I recommend it to everyone in all ages! It's absurd making such huge profit while so many people suffer."
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KrypticChewie says...
7 years ago
"While I'm sure there was some bias in here I think it was an excellent movie and was particularly eye opening about other countries and their health care."
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filmtoaster says...
11 months ago
"I'm about to save you two hours of run-time, you ready? The reason the U.S. has more expensive healthcare and insurance is because we choose to have the strongest military on the planet instead of a cheaper alternative. There you go, just saved you two hours. If you still want to go live in France or Canada for ""better"" healthcare, have fun with terrorist attacks and a much smaller military."
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