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August 32nd on Earth Poster

August 32nd on Earth

1h 28m
Drama, Romance
After escaping unscathed from a car accident, photo model Simone decides that having a baby is the only way to give her vacant life some meaning. She asks her best friend Philippe to get her pregnant, and he reluctantly agrees, on the condition that they conceive somewhere in a desert, so they leave Montréal on a 24-hour round-trip to Salt Lake City to find a suitable spot.
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Pascale Bussires
Simone Prévost
Alexis Martin
Paule Baillargeon
Hospital Doctor
Emmanuel Bilodeau
Philippe's Best Friend
Joanne Ct
Frdric Desager
R Craig Costin
Hired car clerk
Estelle Esse
Leather shop clerk
Richard S Hamilton
Taxi Driver
Serge Thriault
Ivan Smith
Médecin de la clinique
velyne Rompr
Lee Fobert
Automobiliste - Salt Lake City
Marc Jeanty
Stphane Lefebvre
Directed By: Denis Villeneuve

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Saint Pauly says...
3 months ago
"Reminds me of a cursive exercise book: There's a lot of work on technique but the end result is just a random jumble. _August 32nd_ is a very competent first film. Sure, every director needs to start somewhere, and this is not a bad film by any means , it just feels like he hasn't found his style here so instead tries to copy Xavier Dolan (who was only 9 years old at the time). Don't forget, though, that 2 years after this he would release _Incendies_, so he had it in him all along."
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