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August Rush (2007)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Amanda Mackey
Crew Production Casting 99.90

Carol Silverman
Crew Art Set Decoration 96.30

Cathy Sandrich Gelfond
Crew Production Casting 97.90

Felice Diamond
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 98.70

Frank L. Fleming
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 98.50

James V. Hart
Crew Writing Screenplay 94.40

Jessica Lichtner
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 98.50

John Mathieson
Crew Camera Director of Photography 99.30

Kirsten Sheridan
Crew Directing Director 97.00

Lionel Wigram
Crew Production Executive Producer 98.20

Mario Ventenilla
Crew Art Art Direction 96.20

Mark Mancina
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 99.80

Michael Shaw
Crew Art Production Design 96.60

Nicholas Bernstein
Crew Production Location Manager 95.30

Nick Castle
Crew Writing Screenplay, Story 97.30

Ralph Kamp
Crew Production Executive Producer 96.30

Richard Barton Lewis
Crew Production Producer 91.00

Richard F. Esposito
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hairstylist 92.10

Robert Greenhut
Crew Production Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager 99.80

William Steinkamp
Crew Editing Editor 99.10

Kate Bulpitt
Crew Production Casting Associate 96.50

Louise Goodsill
Crew Production Executive Producer 95.40

Miky Lee
Crew Production Executive Producer 99.10

Paul Castro
Crew Writing Story 92.20

Bonnie Hlinomaz
Crew Production Production Supervisor 92.20

Garson Yu
Crew Art Title Designer 99.90

Cesar Quinones
Crew Art Location Scout 95.20

Gabrielle Jerou
Crew Production Associate Producer 87.00

Farrah Fox-Collis
Crew Production Casting Associate 95.00

Antone Pagan
Cast Actor Central Park Bike Rider (uncredited) 131578.93421053

Cathy Haase
Cast Actress First Clarinet (uncredited) 161290.30645161

Freddie Highmore
Cast Actor August Rush 9999999

Jamal Joseph
Cast Actor Driver 344827.55172414

Jo Yang
Cast Actress Grande Dame 116279.05813953

John Knox
Cast Club Manager 416666.625

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Cast Actor Louis Connelly 4999999.5

Keri Russell
Cast Actress Lyla Novacek 9999999

Marian Seldes
Cast Actress Dekan 1666666.5

Mykelti Williamson
Cast Actor Reverend James 1428571.2857143

Novella Nelson
Cast Actress Social Serices Office Attendant (uncredited) 135135.12162162

Robert Aberdeen
Cast Actor Record Executive 333333.3

Robin Williams
Cast Actor Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace 2499999.75

Ronald Guttman
Cast Actor Professor 833333.25

Sean Haberle
Cast Frank 357142.82142857

Terrence Howard
Cast Actor Richard Jeffries 3333333

Victor Verhaeghe
Cast Actor Cop 384615.34615385

William Sadler
Cast Actor Thomas Novacek 1999999.8

Aaron Staton
Cast Actor Nick 1111111

Alex O'Loughlin
Cast Actor Marshall 999999.9

Becki Newton
Cast Actress Jennifer 624999.9375

Bonnie McKee
Cast Actress Lizzy 769230.69230769

Deirdre Lorenz
Cast Actress Megan's Mom 140845.05633803

Dominic Colón
Cast Actor Policeman 294117.61764706

Gina Hernandez
Cast Actress Concert Fan 158730.14285714

Jamia Simone Nash
Cast Hope 909090.81818182

Lev Zhurbin
Cast Actor Gasping Violist in Orchestra (uncredited) 114942.51724138

Matt Gorsky
Cast Symphony Appreciator 163934.40983607

Michael Drayer
Cast Actor Mannix 714285.64285714

Paula Rittie
Cast Actress Julia (uncredited) 128205.11538462

Bernadette Lords
Cast Actress New Yorker (uncredited) 142857.12857143

Bill Walters
Cast Central Park Background (uncredited) 117647.04705882

Greg Nutcher
Cast Actor Social Worker 133333.32

John Farrer
Cast Actor Violinist (uncredited) 169491.50847458

Leon G. Thomas III
Cast Actor Arthur 1249999.875

Logan Anderson
Cast Actress Philharmonic Patron 185185.16666667

Sybelle Silverphoenix
Cast Actress Philharmonic Audience Member 124999.9875

Zach Page
Cast Actor Child Guitar Player 285714.25714286

Koo Hye-sun
Cast Actress Orphanage Kid 149253.71641791

Paul Thornton
Cast Alcoholic (uncredited) 120481.91566265

Che Landon
Cast Actress Jane - Tutor 144927.52173913

Brian Hopson
Cast Concert attendee (uncredited) 156249.984375

Megan Gallagher
Cast Actress Megan 555555.5

Amy V. Dewhurst
Cast Actress Receptionist 399999.96

Tony Galtieri
Cast Theatre Patron (uncredited) 166666.65

Robert Myers
Cast Actor Music Lover (uncredited) 136986.28767123

Jamie O'Keeffe
Cast Steve 666666.6

Tyler McGuckin
Cast Peter 588235.23529412

Anais Bonet
Cast Backbeat 526315.73684211

Bilal Bishop
Cast Roller Bull 499999.95

Michael R. Hammonds II
Cast Feedback 476190.42857143

Timmy Mitchum
Cast Actor Joey 454545.40909091

Henry Caplan
Cast Bill 434782.56521739

Darrie Lawrence
Cast Old Neighbor 370370.33333333

Georgia Creighton
Cast Apartment Owner 322580.61290323

Joshua Jaymz Doss
Cast Orphanage Kid 312499.96875

Craig Johnson
Cast Orphanage Boy 303030.27272727

Marc Alan Austen
Cast Julliard Board Member 181818.16363636

Justin Ellis-Johnson
Cast Patron 175438.57894737

Ryan Hutchins
Cast Peanut 153846.13846154

Lisa Maris
Cast Actress Social Worker 138888.875

Vincent James Russo
Cast CBGB's Rocker 126582.26582278

Eddie Eniel
Cast Concert Goer (uncredited) 172413.77586207

Emelie Jeffries
Cast Actress Philharmonic Violist (uncredited) 151515.13636364

Charles Mack
Cast Gospel Soloist 277777.75

Amma Agyapon
Cast Gospel Singer 270270.24324324

Adia Beckford
Cast Gospel Singer 263157.86842105

Dietrice A. Bolden
Cast Gospel Singer 256410.23076923

Dina Gardener
Cast Gospel Singer 249999.975

Luther Isler
Cast Gospel Singer 243902.41463415

Raymond Johnson
Cast Gospel Singer 238095.21428571

Joyce Walker Joseph
Cast Gospel Singer 232558.11627907

Willana Mack
Cast Gospel Singer 227272.70454545

Lamar Antwon Robinson
Cast Gospel Singer 222222.2

Talif Showers
Cast Gospel Singer 217391.2826087

Carlton Taylor
Cast Gospel Singer 212765.93617021

Yvette Bodrick
Cast Street Sound Circle 208333.3125

Crystal A. Elliott
Cast Street Sound Circle 204081.6122449

Jindai Joseph
Cast Street Sound Circle 199999.98

Jacquelen Singleton
Cast Street Sound Circle 196078.41176471

Travis Veada
Cast Street Sound Circle 192307.67307692

Jasmine Pauline Wigfall
Cast Street Sound Circle 188679.22641509

Calvin Reddy
Cast Extra (uncredited) 129870.11688312

Jeremy Siracusa
Cast Extra (uncredited) 123456.77777778

Cast NY Traveler (uncredited) 121951.20731707

Kit Vinsick
Cast Concert Attendee (uncredited) 119047.60714286

David Collihan
Cast Man on Phone (uncredited) 178571.41071429

Steven Krietzberg
Cast Central Park Background (uncredited) 147058.80882353
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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