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Aunt Clara (1954)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Anthony Kimmins
Crew Directing Director 84.50

Kenneth Horne
Crew Writing Writer 74.90

Alan Hall
Crew Camera Clapper Loader 90.90

Barbara Hopkins
Crew Sound Sound 87.50

A.E. Matthews
Cast Actor Simon Hilton 4999999.5

Diana Beaumont
Cast Dorrie 909090.81818182

Eddie Byrne
Cast Actor Fosdick 1111111

Fay Compton
Cast Actress Gladys Smith 3333333

Jill Bennett
Cast Actress Julie Mason 1666666.5

Margaret Rutherford
Cast Actress Clara Hilton 9999999

Nigel Stock
Cast Actor Charles Willis 2499999.75

Raymond Huntley
Cast Actor Rev. Maurice Hilton 1249999.875

Reginald Beckwith
Cast Actor Alfie Pearce 1428571.2857143

Ronald Shiner
Cast Actor Henry Martin 9999999

Sid James
Cast Actor Honest Sid 1999999.8

Stringer Davis
Cast Actor Doctor 999999.9
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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