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Aunt Rose (2005)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Joshua Nelson
Crew Writing Screenplay, Producer, Casting 91.50

James Adam Tucker
Crew Directing Director, Editor 85.50

Natalie Ostapiak
Crew Directing Assistant Director, Still Photographer 64.10

Devon Martin
Crew Crew Special Effects Assistant 64.10

Joshua Nelson
Cast Johnny 9999999

Raine Brown
Cast Actress Toni 3333333

Kevin T. Collins
Cast Actor Stewie 2499999.75

Frank Franconeri
Cast Actor Peter 1999999.8

Dawn Dunning
Cast Actress Julia 909090.81818182

ELizabeth Cook
Cast Actress Debbie 9999999

Velocity Chyaldd
Cast Actress Robin 4999999.5

Christine D'Amato
Cast Actress Anna 1666666.5

Marty Gargle
Cast Actress Aunt Rose 1428571.2857143

Ken Sandburg
Cast Actor Ricky 1249999.875

Francis Romano
Cast Actor Uncle Bill 1111111

Caitlyn Darr
Cast Actress Tiffany 999999.9

Natalie Ostapiak
Cast Actress Pet Store Employee 833333.25

Devon Martin
Cast Actor Demon Son 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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