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Auntie Mame (1958)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Adolph Green
Crew Writing Screenplay 95.50

Betty Comden
Crew Writing Screenplay 95.40

Bronislau Kaper
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 94.40

George James Hopkins
Crew Art Set Decoration 98.90

Harry Stradling Sr.
Crew Camera Director of Photography 96.90

Malcolm C. Bert
Crew Art Production Design, Art Direction 93.40

Morton DaCosta
Crew Directing Director, Producer 91.50

Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 99.20

Patrick Dennis
Crew Writing Novel 84.00

William H. Ziegler
Crew Editing Editor 97.20

Bert Stevens
Cast Actor Party Guest (uncredited) 384615.34615385

Brook Byron
Cast Sally Cato MacDougall 666666.6

Carol Veazie
Cast Actress Mrs. Burnside 624999.9375

Colin Kenny
Cast Actor Perry (uncredited) 454545.40909091

Connie Gilchrist
Cast Actress Norah Muldoon 769230.69230769

Coral Browne
Cast Actress Vera Charles 4999999.5

Dub Taylor
Cast Actor County Veterinarian (uncredited) 370370.33333333

Forrest Tucker
Cast Actor Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside 9999999

Frank Baker
Cast Actor Party Guest (uncredited) 555555.5

Frank McLure
Cast Actor Actor on Stage (uncredited) 434782.56521739

Fred Clark
Cast Actor Dwight Babcock 3333333

Gregory Gaye
Cast Actor Vladimir Klinkoff (uncredited) 476190.42857143

Harold Miller
Cast Actor Ship Passenger (uncredited) 416666.625

Henry Brandon
Cast Actor Acacius Page 588235.23529412

Jan Handzlik
Cast Actor Patrick Dennis - younger 1428571.2857143

Joanna Barnes
Cast Actress Gloria Upson 1249999.875

Lee Patrick
Cast Actress Doris Upson 999999.9

Lela Bliss
Cast Actress Party Guest (uncredited) 526315.73684211

Leoda Richards
Cast Actress Party Guest (uncredited) 399999.96

Margaret Dumont
Cast Actress Noblewoman in Play (uncredited) 499999.95

Patric Knowles
Cast Actor Lindsay Woolsey 1999999.8

Peggy Cass
Cast Actress Agnes Gooch 1666666.5

Pippa Scott
Cast Actress Pegeen Ryan 1111111

Robin Hughes
Cast Actor Brian O'Bannion 833333.25

Roger Smith
Cast Actor Patrick Dennis -older 2499999.75

Rosalind Russell
Cast Actress Mame Dennis 9999999

Willard Waterman
Cast Actor Claude Upson 909090.81818182

Yuki Shimoda
Cast Actor Ito 714285.64285714
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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