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Aurora Operation Intercept Poster

Aurora: Operation Intercept

1h 34m
There have been two mysterious plane crashes in only 48 hours. The aircraft suddenly lose control and crash, killing everyone aboard. A woman of Russian descent, Francesca Zaborszin, the daughter of a slain Federal investigator, claims responsibility for the crashes. She believes her father was killed by the FBI as part of a cover-up operation and wishes to avenge his death by threatening to down more aircraft using the same electromagnetic pulse method. She also intends to crash a stolen military jet into the White House. There's no time to ground the planes: just enough time to try to stop her.
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Bruce Payne
Gordon Pruett
Lance Henriksen
William Stenghel
Natalya Andreychenko
Francesca Zaborszin (as Natasha And...
John Stockwell
Andy Aldrich
Michael Champion
Johann Wells
Dennis Christopher
Victor Varenkov
Corbin Bernsen
Flight Engineer Murphy
Curt Lowens
Dr. Zaborszin
Corinne Bohrer
Sharon Pruett
Directed By: Paul Levine

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