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Australiens (2014)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Rita Artmann
Crew Writing Story, Producer 64.10

Joe Bauer
Crew Directing Director, Writer, Story 67.60

Levi Kirby
Crew Crew Cinematography 57.00

David Lazar
Crew Sound Music 57.00

Shelley Veitch
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Department Head 26.00

Johancee Theron
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 57.00

Robert Griffiths
Cast Roy 999999.9

Emma Randall
Cast Actress Alien Commander 909090.81818182

Rob Jenkins
Cast Actor Crowe 1111111

Rita Artmann
Cast Andi 9999999

Doug Hatch
Cast Elliot 2499999.75

Joe Bauer
Cast John 1999999.8

Paul Adams
Cast Dennis 1666666.5

Caroline Bell
Cast Kylie 1249999.875

Lawrence Silver
Cast Keith 3333333

Tamara McLaughlin
Cast Camilla 4999999.5

Kyle McCallion
Cast Styx 1428571.2857143
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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