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Automatic (1995)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Avi Nesher
Crew Production Producer 89.30

David Wurst
Crew Sound Music 75.70

Denise Chamian
Crew Production Casting 100.00

Eric Wurst
Crew Sound Music 75.70

John Murlowski
Crew Directing Director 88.90

Kenneth M. Badish
Crew Production Producer 83.60

Michael Schweitzer
Crew Editing Editor 87.60

Patrick Highsmith
Crew Writing Story 74.00

Peter Fernberger
Crew Camera Director of Photography 67.60

Susan Lambert
Crew Writing Screenplay 75.70

Annabelle Gurwitch
Cast Actress Gloria Takamatsu 1666666.5

Daphne Ashbrook
Cast Actress Nora Rochester 9999999

Dennis Lipscomb
Cast Actor Raymond Hammer 2499999.75

Jeff Kober
Cast Actor Major West 3333333

John Glover
Cast Actor Goddard Marx 4999999.5

Marjean Holden
Cast Actress Epsilon Leader 1111111

Olivier Gruner
Cast Actor J269 9999999

Penny Johnson
Cast Actress Julia Rodriguez 1999999.8

Stanley Kamel
Cast Actor Seth Barker 1428571.2857143

Troy Evans
Cast Actor Buck James 1249999.875
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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