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The Bank Dick Poster

The Bank Dick

1h 12m
Egbert Sousé becomes an unexpected hero when a bank robber falls over a bench he's occupying. Now considered brave, Egbert is given a job as a bank guard. Soon, he is approached by charlatan J. Frothingham Waterbury about buying shares in a mining company. Egbert persuades teller Og Oggilby to lend him bank money, to be returned when the scheme pays off. Unfortunately, bank inspector Snoopington then makes a surprise appearance.
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WC Fields
Egbert Sousé
Cora Witherspoon
Agatha Sousé
Una Merkel
Myrtle Sousé
Evelyn Del Rio
Elsie Mae Adele Brunch Sousé
Jessie Ralph
Mrs. Hermisillo Brunch
Franklin Pangborn
J. Pinkerton Snoopington
Shemp Howard
Joe Guelpe
Dick Purcell
Mackley Q. Greene
Grady Sutton
Og Oggilby
Russell Hicks
J. Frothingham Waterbury
Pierre Watkin
Mr. Skinner
Al Hill
Filthy McNasty aka Rupulsive Rogan
George Moran
Cozy Cochran aka Loudmouth Nasty
Bill Wolfe
Jack Norton
A. Pismo Clam
Pat West
Assistant Director
Reed Hadley
Heather Wilde
Miss Plupp
Harlan Briggs
Doctor Stall
William Alston
Mr. Cheek
Eddie Acuff
Reporter (uncredited)
Lowden Adams
Francois' Valet (uncredited)
Fay Adler
Secretary / Stenographer (uncredite...
Vangie Beilby
Old Lady with Dog (uncredited)
Becky Bohanon
Girl (uncredited)
Directed By: Edward F. Cline

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