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The Bucket List Poster

The Bucket List

1h 37m
Comedy, Drama
Corporate billionaire Edward Cole and working class mechanic Carter Chambers are worlds apart. At a crossroads in their lives, they share a hospital room and discover they have two things in common: a desire to spend the time they have left doing everything they ever wanted to do and an unrealized need to come to terms with who they are. Together they embark on the road trip of a lifetime, becoming friends along the way and learning to live life to the fullest, with insight and humor.
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Jack Nicholson
Edward Periman Cole
Morgan Freeman
Carter Chambers
Sean Hayes
Beverly Todd
Virginia Chambers
Alfonso Freeman
Roger Chambers
Rob Morrow
Dr. Hollins
Dawn Lewis
Flight Attendant
Rowena King
Verda Bridges
Ian Anthony Dale
Angela Gardner
Female Administrator
Noel Gugliemi
Karen Maruyama
Nurse Shing
Amber Mead
Attractive Woman #1
Serena Reeder
Taylor Ann Thompson
Edward's Granddaughter
Directed By: Rob Reiner
Written By: Justin Zackham

Featured Comments/Tips

BenFranklin says...
10 years ago
"A must see inspirational movie!"
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DRNKMNKY says...
6 years ago
"Brilliant acting by Nicholson make up for a rather mediocre story, which sounds much better than it turns out (but even Nicholson's outstanding performance does not turn The Bucket List into a great movie). French movie "Intouchables" shows how such a story SHOULD be told and is the much better alternative (even though one has to mention that the plots are not that similar, but the whole settings of the movies are)."
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CinemanicBonkers says...
3 years ago
"I've seen a few times, only gets better every time and It's got a great message, both actors work great together and I recommend putting it on your bucket list XD "
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cisnenegro says...
5 years ago
"I losted my father a month ago and this movie touched my heart deep down inside. I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, and I loved this movie. Great picture."
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Featured User Reviews

John Chard
3 years ago
You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two terminally ill men who check out of their cancer ward and head off on a road trip to complete their Bucket List of things to do before they die.

Every once in a while a film comes along More
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