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The Edge of Seventeen

1h 45m
Comedy, Drama
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The Edge of Seventeen Poster
Two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other's older brother, who is totally his sister's nemesis.
The Edge of Seventeen Poster

The Edge of Seventeen

1h 45m
Comedy, Drama
Two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other's older brother, who is totally his sister's nemesis.
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Hailee Steinfeld
Nadine Franklin
Blake Jenner
Darian Franklin
Woody Harrelson
Mr. Bruner
Kyra Sedgwick
Mona Franklin
Hayden Szeto
Erwin Kim
Alexander Calvert
Nick Mossman
Eric Keenleyside
Tom Franklin
Nesta Cooper
Katie Stuart
Lina Renna
Little Nadine
Christian Michael Cooper
Little Darian
Ava Grace Cooper
Little Krista
Laine MacNeil
Jena Skodje
Little Mean Girl
Daniel Bacon
Film Festival Emcee
Kavandeep Hayre
Lyle Reginald
Junior Guy
Chris Shields
Hospital Official
Kirsten Robek
Krista's Mom
Laura Ward
Erwin's Friend
Directed By: Kelly Fremon Craig
Written By: Kelly Fremon Craig

Featured Comments/Tips

CinemanicBonkers says...
5 years ago
"Aww what a lovely film with a lot of mixed emotions, but mostly from the script, a good sense of humour. Brilliant performance from Nadine (Hailee steinfeld) that I think she should go far with and not forgetting the rest of the cast that did just as good. I specially loved Mr Bruner (woody Harrelson) performance with his nasty, sarcastic sense of humour with a twist, and with all the characters he's played in his acting life it suits him. "
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joaoalmeida_20 says...
5 years ago
""The Edge of Seventeen" had all the ingredients to fail and be cliché like so many other "coming of age" movies. However, while watching it I noticed that it was going to be different. This film portrays so well what many teenagers go through during their academic lives. We feel that the whole world is against us, nobody understands us and that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. We hate life and everyone around us. Also while I was seeing, here are some things I noticed with which I related to me: - lying on the sofa to see Futurama - checked; - no one understands me - checked; - hated by all - checked. "The Edge of Seventeen" surprised me a lot. Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson were great. And on top is the "directorial debut" Kelly Fremon Craig. However, I feel that this movie was not seen by many people, which is a shame. "The Edge of Seventeen" is very well acted, directed and specially very well written."
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faithful soul says...
4 years ago
"Good film, with decent performances from the entire cast. I related to the story - school was a giant crapfest for many of us - but the film goes beyond simple stereotypes. The well-rounded characters make the film stand out from others of its kind."
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randomacd4 says...
5 years ago
"Edge of Seventeen is a great funny little coming of age comedy. I really hope this movie gets the attention it deserves when its released on DVD. Hailee Steinfeld is a star in this film."
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Featured User Reviews

7/10   5 years ago
So just watched The Edge of Seventeen and...

...blegh. This was not as "good" as I thought it was going to be. After reading all the hype from the national RT/MC reviewers (I don't know of anyone that actually saw the movie in theaters), I finally watched it yesterday/today and just t More
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5 years ago
From Juno, this film doth grow. We’ve seen them all before teenage coming-of-age films, with angst, bullies, hunks and spurned love.
No, you haven’t. Thanks to Kelly Fremon Craig who wrote and directed this film you really haven’t. She might have been influenced by John Hughes and others fr More
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3 years ago
"Shit. Underdeveloped? Overdeveloped? A good movie's a good movie."

- Ice T

_Final rating:★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._
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3 years ago
**Nothing is frustrating than losing a best friend!**

There are lots of stupid teen films in the recent time. But don't confuse it with them. It is a fine, sensible drama with some fun. It's a dream debut for the director. Being a woman and making a film on the same subject, especially teenager i More
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