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(Romance) in the Digital Age (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Jason Michael Brescia
Crew Directing Director, Writer 75.40

Ethan Magee
Crew Sound Sound Mixer 27.30

Andrew W.K.
Cast Actor Andrew W.K. 227272.70454545

Joseph D'Onofrio
Cast Actor Father Scott 769230.69230769

Frank Iero
Cast Actor Frank Iero 294117.61764706

Kurt Metzger
Cast Brian 833333.25

Mary Kate Wiles
Cast Mary Kate Wiles 217391.2826087

Maxwell Glick
Cast Maxwell Glick / Mr. Cheezy Pop 312499.96875

Tay Zonday
Cast Actor Tay Zonday 212765.93617021

Annet Mahendru
Cast Actress Annet 277777.75

James Smith
Cast Actor Bull 232558.11627907

Peter Gilroy
Cast Peter Gilroy 322580.61290323

Sean Murray
Cast Bartender #2 263157.86842105

Lauren Adams
Cast Actress Rosa 909090.81818182

Roberto Becerra
Cast Tony 344827.55172414

Lauren Pritchard
Cast Actress Ellis Tillman 4999999.5

Andres Quintero
Cast Theo 666666.6

Keith McMahon
Cast Perry 555555.5

Chris Viemeister
Cast Casey Thayer 1999999.8

Georgia Warner
Cast Actress Piper 499999.95

Vincent Leong
Cast Michelle's Dad 416666.625

Lauren Moore
Cast Michelle 3333333

Joe Murphy
Cast Finn McGee 2499999.75

Jill Durso
Cast Actress Cameron 1666666.5

Shabazz Green
Cast Booker Roberts 1428571.2857143

Nicole Scotto
Cast Lera 1249999.875

Shannon McBride
Cast Violet 624999.9375

Stacey Raymond
Cast Vicky 588235.23529412

James Boz
Cast Randy 526315.73684211

Richard McNulty
Cast Wooly 476190.42857143

Ronda Swindell
Cast Donna 434782.56521739

Anthony Natoli
Cast D.J. 399999.96

Chamique Holdsclaw
Cast Chamique Holdsclaw 384615.34615385

James Dewees
Cast Santa Claus 370370.33333333

S. Hamza Ahmad
Cast Videographer 357142.82142857

Cast Fitzroy 333333.3

Giavana Heil
Cast Flower Girl 303030.27272727

Benjamin Levitt
Cast Valet 285714.25714286

Kevin Mei
Cast Michelle's Brother 270270.24324324

John Nolan
Cast John Nolan 256410.23076923

Dan Pursino
Cast Wedding Band Singer 243902.41463415

Linda Scharf-Nolan
Cast Lenore 238095.21428571

Kerv Wilder
Cast Barista 222222.2
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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