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**** (1967)

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Andy Warhol
Crew Directing Director, Cinematography 95.50

Allen Midgette
Cast Actor 909090.81818182

Andrea Feldman
Cast Actress 1249999.875

Angelina 'Pepper' Davis
Cast Girl on Love Seat 1999999.8

Brigid Berlin
Cast Actress Ondines Frau 9999999

David Croland
Cast 3333333

Edie Sedgwick
Cast Actress 499999.95

Eric Emerson
Cast Actor 1428571.2857143

Gerard Malanga
Cast Actor 1111111

Ingrid Superstar
Cast Actress 476190.42857143

International Velvet
Cast Actress 434782.56521739

Ivy Nicholson
Cast Actress Girl on Chair 714285.64285714

Joe Dallesandro
Cast Actor College Wrestler 2499999.75

John Cale
Cast Actor Man (uncredited) 4999999.5

Juan Downey
Cast 1666666.5

Mary Woronov
Cast Actress 384615.34615385

Cast Actor Father / Ebenezer Scrooge 624999.9375

Cast 588235.23529412

Rene Ricard
Cast Actor 526315.73684211

Tally Brown
Cast Actress 9999999

Taylor Mead
Cast Actor 999999.9

Ultra Violet
Cast Actress 416666.625

Cast Actress Girl in Bed 399999.96

Cast Actress Herself 666666.6

Billy Name
Cast Actor 769230.69230769

Rolando Peña
Cast Actor 555555.5

Katrina Toland
Cast 454545.40909091

Tiger Morse
Cast 833333.25
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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