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*batteries not included (1987)

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Angelo P. Graham
Crew Art Art Direction 99.70

Brad Bird
Crew Writing Screenplay 100.00

Brent Maddock
Crew Writing Screenplay 96.90

Cynthia Scheider
Crew Editing Editor 91.40

Frank Marshall
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

George R. Nelson
Crew Art Set Decoration 99.70

Gerald R. Molen
Crew Production Associate Producer 100.00

James Horner
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 100.00

Joe Johnston
Crew Production Production Manager 100.00

John McPherson
Crew Camera Director of Photography 96.90

Kathleen Kennedy
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Matthew Robbins
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay 98.60

Mick Garris
Crew Writing Story 96.50

Penny Perry
Crew Production Casting 93.30

Ronald L. Schwary
Crew Production Producer 99.40

S. S. Wilson
Crew Writing Screenplay 96.30

Steven Spielberg
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Ted Haworth
Crew Art Production Design 97.80

Linn Zuckerman
Crew Crew Craft Service 91.70

Hank Muller
Crew Camera Assistant Camera 95.50

Dennis Boutsikaris
Cast Actor Mason Baylor 1999999.8

Doris Belack
Cast Actress Mrs. Thompson 833333.25

Elizabeth Peña
Cast Actress Marisa Esteval 3333333

Frank McRae
Cast Actor Harry Noble 4999999.5

Hume Cronyn
Cast Actor Frank Riley 9999999

James Le Gros
Cast Actor Goon #2 666666.6

Jane Hoffman
Cast Actress Muriel Hogenson 1428571.2857143

Jessica Tandy
Cast Actress Faye Riley 9999999

John DiSanti
Cast Actor Gus 1249999.875

John Pankow
Cast Actor Kovacs 1111111

José Angel Santana
Cast Actor Goon #1 714285.64285714

MacIntyre Dixon
Cast Actor DeWitt 999999.9

Michael Carmine
Cast Actor Carlos 2499999.75

Michael Greene
Cast Actor Lacey, Real Estate Developer 909090.81818182

Tom Aldredge
Cast Actor Sid Hogenson 1666666.5

Wendy Schaal
Cast Actress Pamela 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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