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+1 (2013)

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Becky Glupczynski
Crew Production Line Producer 87.60

Carol Beadle
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 92.10

Edson Williams
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Laura Rosenthal
Crew Production Casting 97.30

Nathan Larson
Crew Sound Music 92.60

Roshelle Berliner
Crew Art Production Design 85.20

Tim Perell
Crew Production Producer 93.30

Yorgos Mavropsaridis
Crew Editing Editor 93.60

Bill Gullo
Crew Writing Screenplay 83.00

Dennis Iliadis
Crew Directing Director, Story 95.70

Matteo De Cosmo
Crew Art Art Direction 92.20

Mihai Malaimare Jr.
Crew Camera Director of Photography, Cinematography 94.10

Thomas Nittmann
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Maribeth Fox
Crew Production Casting 98.30

Nicole LeBlanc
Crew Art Set Decoration 87.40

Jodi Angstreich
Crew Production Casting 97.60

Sarah Carter
Crew Art Set Decoration 97.70

Mark Edward Wright
Crew Crew Visual Effects Editor 100.00

Guy Botham
Crew Production Executive Producer 93.60

Aurore Guyot
Crew Production Co-Producer 82.70

Marla Malcolm
Cast Actress Heather 499999.95

Megan Hayes
Cast Actress Bonnie 526315.73684211

April Billingsley
Cast Actress Brenda 909090.81818182

Colleen Dengel
Cast Actress Alison 1999999.8

Rhys Wakefield
Cast Actor David 9999999

Suzanne Dengel
Cast Actress Allison 2499999.75

Hannah Kasulka
Cast Actress Opponent 624999.9375

Logan Miller
Cast Actor Teddy 9999999

Natalie Hall
Cast Actress Melanie 3333333

Adam David Thompson
Cast Actor Kyle 1428571.2857143

Ashley Grace
Cast Actress Jill 4999999.5

Peter Luis Zimmerman
Cast Steve 833333.25

Ronald Ogden
Cast Mike 1249999.875

Brad Mills
Cast Ryan 999999.9

Rohan Kymal
Cast Angad 1666666.5

Bernard D. Jones
Cast Greg 1111111

Gracie Zane
Cast Partygoer 769230.69230769

Alex Trewhitt
Cast Bikini Girl 714285.64285714

Lilly Roberson
Cast Party Girl 666666.6

Nic Wolfe
Cast Actor Partygoer (uncredited) 476190.42857143

Crystal Lo
Cast Actress Min 454545.40909091

Cast Actress Katty (as Ronke Shonibare) 434782.56521739
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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