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...All the Marbles (1981)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Mel Frohman
Crew Writing Screenplay 82.10

Robert Aldrich
Crew Directing Director 93.10

William Aldrich
Crew Production Producer 94.10

Alvin Hammer
Cast Actor Geisha's Doctor 434782.56521739

Angela Aames
Cast Actress Louise 666666.6

Brinke Stevens
Cast Actress Extra 476190.42857143

Burt Young
Cast Actor Eddie Cisco 3333333

Charlie Dell
Cast Actor Merle LeFevre 999999.9

Claudette Nevins
Cast Actress Solly 1666666.5

Cliff Emmich
Cast Actor Obese Promoter 909090.81818182

Clyde Kusatsu
Cast Actor Clyde Yamashito 833333.25

Don Brodie
Cast Actor Reno Timekeeper 588235.23529412

Gloria Hayes
Cast Actress Jerome's Girlfriend 555555.5

Joe Greene
Cast Actor Himself (Football Player) 769230.69230769

John Hancock
Cast Actor Big John Stanley 1249999.875

Jonathan Terry
Cast Actor Akron Doctor 714285.64285714

Laurene Landon
Cast Actress Molly 4999999.5

Lenny Montana
Cast Actor Jerome 1111111

Mike Mazurki
Cast Actor Chicago Referee 499999.95

Peter Falk
Cast Actor Harry Sears 9999999

Richard Jaeckel
Cast Actor Bill Dudley 1428571.2857143

Susan Barnes
Cast Actress Merle's Wife 526315.73684211

Susan Mechsner
Cast Actress Creature #1 454545.40909091

Tracy Reed
Cast Actress Diane 2499999.75

Ursaline Bryant
Cast June 1999999.8

Vicki Frederick
Cast Actress Iris 9999999

William J. Kulzer
Cast Akron Referee 624999.9375
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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