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Une aventure Poster

Une aventure

Cecile and Julien begin their new life together. Julien works long hours in a video library, a world full of pictures. Coming home late one night, he encounters a young, beautiful, disturbing woman in front of his building. She seems lost, as if in a dream. She mumbles something to him, like a call for help, and vanishes. Since this strange encounter, and maybe for the first time in his life, Julien is confused, becoming obsessed by the mystery surrounding this intriguing woman, Gabrielle. He discovers that she lives across the street with an intimidating, violent-looking man, Louis. Following her at night, Julien sees Gabrielle sleepwalking, perhaps a refugee from the distressful, dangerous world she must inhabit. Risking everything, including Cecile's love for him, Julien plunges into Gabrielle's strange but fascinating life, determined to save her from Louis, even herself, somehow hoping to avert the catastrophe that awaits her.
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Directed By: Xavier Giannoli
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