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Valkyrie Poster


2h 1m
Drama, History, Thriller, War
Wounded in Africa during World War II, Nazi Col. Claus von Stauffenberg returns to his native Germany and joins the Resistance in a daring plan to create a shadow government and assassinate Adolf Hitler. When events unfold so that he becomes a central player, he finds himself tasked with both leading the coup and personally killing the Führer.
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Tom Cruise
Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg
Kenneth Branagh
Henning von Tresckow
Carice van Houten
Nina Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenber...
Bill Nighy
Friedrich Olbricht
Kenneth Cranham
Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel
Tom Wilkinson
Friedrich Fromm
Thomas Kretschmann
Otto Ernst Remer
Terence Stamp
Ludwig Beck
Eddie Izzard
Erich Fellgiebel
Kevin McNally
Carl-Friedrich Goerdeler
David Bamber
Adolf Hitler
Tom Hollander
Colonel Heinz Brandt
David Schofield
Erwin von Witzleben
Christian Berkel
Albrecht Ritter Mertz von Quirnheim
Jamie Parker
Werner von Haeften
Ian McNeice
Pompous General
Danny Webb
Captain Haans
Bernard Hill
General - Desert Sequence
Chris Larkin
Sergeant Helm
Matthew Burton
Lieutenant-General Adolf Heusinger
Gerhard HaaseHindenberg
Hermann Göring
Matthias Freihof
Heinrich Himmler
Halina Reijn
Margarethe Van Oven
Anton Algrang
Albert Speer
Werner Daehn
Ernst-John Von Freyend
Directed By: Bryan Singer
Written By: Christopher McQuarrie (Screenplay), Nathan Alexander (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

gahudnall-deleted-1490229630 says...
8 years ago
"Well made and beautifully depicted"
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WitWolfy says...
9 years ago
"A very inspiring movie non the less!"
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maxkoryukov says...
2 years ago
"Too much Tom Cruise, too many cliches for 121 minutes, too little real history. Maybe it is because I prefer movies about _"more realistic"_ people, but the course of events in this one was pretty close to the Marvel-style movies (despite the fact the film is based on real events)."
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drjoyce says...
2 years ago
"Fantastic movie. Tom Cruise dedicates himself to the role as per usual."
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Featured User Reviews

3 years ago
Not all Germans supported that madman

RELEASED IN 2008 and directed by Bryan Singer, "Valkyrie" is a World War II crime thriller based on the true story of the last German plot to assassinate Hitler in the Summer of 1944, although it wasn't a crime, of course, but rather an act of heroism.

Tom More
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