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...And God Created Woman (1956)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Armand Thirard
Crew Camera Director of Photography 93.10

Hagop Arakelian
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 88.50

Jean André
Crew Art Production Design 89.80

Louis Née
Crew Camera Camera Operator 93.00

Paul Misraki
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 90.50

Raoul Lévy
Crew Writing Screenplay, Producer 87.80

Roger Vadim
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay 94.30

Victoria Mercanton
Crew Editing Editor 89.50

Paul Feyder
Crew Directing Assistant Director 91.40

Brigitte Bardot
Cast Actress Juliette Hardy 9999999

Christian Marquand
Cast Actor Antoine Tardieu 1428571.2857143

Curd Jürgens
Cast Actor Eric Carradine 4999999.5

Georges Poujouly
Cast Actor 1249999.875

Isabelle Corey
Cast Actress Lucienne 1999999.8

Jacqueline Ventura
Cast Actress Mme Vigier-Lefranc 1666666.5

Jacques Ciron
Cast Actor 999999.9

Jane Marken
Cast Actress Madame Morin 3333333

Jean Lefebvre
Cast Actor le jeune danseur qui fait tapisserie 1111111

Jean Tissier
Cast Actor M. Vigier-Lefranc 2499999.75

Jean-Louis Trintignant
Cast Actor Michel Tardieu 9999999

Marie Glory
Cast Actress 769230.69230769

Paul Faivre
Cast Actor 909090.81818182

Leopoldo Francés
Cast 833333.25
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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