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When We First Met Poster

When We First Met

1h 37m
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Noah spends the perfect first night with the girl of his dreams Avery but gets relegated to the friend zone. He spends the next three years wondering what went wrong - until he gets the unexpected chance to travel back in time and alter that night, and his fate, over and over again.
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Adam DeVine
Noah Ashby
Alexandra Daddario
Avery Martin
Shelley Hennig
Carrie Grey
Robbie Amell
Tony Cavalero
Angus Young
Daryn Kahn
Drunk Hulk
Tenea Intriago
Kyler Porche
Talbott Lin
Mr. Chun
Audrey Bishop
Mrs. Martin
Bill Rainey
Mr. Martin
Michael Scott
Chris Wylde
Mr. Costigan
Directed By: Ari Sandel
Written By: John Whittington

Featured Comments/Tips

deanzel says...
4 years ago
"I was kind of in the mood, so I watched this newest Netflix movie "When We First Met" with Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario. Honestly, I kind of it enjoyed it. I'm a softie for romcoms, the Groundhog day mechanic and I love Adam Devine back from his Workaholics days, so this one was a fun watch. Don't expect anything breathtaking, other than some solid fun and shenanigans. I really liked the other female lead/co-lead as well (Shelley Hennig is her name). I haven't seen her in anything else before, but I'd definitely be interested in seeing more of her."
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Ibrakadabra says...
4 years ago
"I can proudly confirm that Adam Devine is the most douchiest actor I've ever seen. And it's really devistating to claim after appearing as a goofy, funny, lovable guy in _Modern Family_, but since then he brings a tacky, brash, obnoxious, over the top asshole in every character of his, and that is the case in this one. He has played multiple personas in here but he always delivered the same features. The ending was quite allright, the only problem with that was you can figure it out way sooner. After all you can ask the question why I watched it. Because I'm a sucker of movies based on time loops, but it's even weak for a subpar pastiche for _Groundhog Day_. A hard pass. "
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SerenadB says...
4 years ago
"When We First Met is a fun and easy-going movie. I got a bit lost in the timeline but you pick it up again rather quickly. It has a great cast and I enjoyed the storyline a lot. So, yea, it's a fun movie, nothing too special, but very enjoyable. "
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VelvetThunder says...
4 years ago
"This was one of those cases where I just fancied watching something 'lighter' that didn't require much investment, and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, the endgame is telegraphed fairly early on, but that's honestly part of the charm for me. Each of the timelines were well thought consequences of what he changed each time he went back. Also had some genuine laugh out loud moments. It's not going to join the upper echelon of my go to 'nice' films, but it's definitely something I'd recommend checking out and maybe re-watch if I ever feel like I need the film's message to be remembered."
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Featured User Reviews

Peter McGinn
2 months ago
When We First Met is another entry in the sub-genre of films that I will call, for lack of a better term, Groundhog Day movies. The most recent entries I have seen are Palm Springs and Russian Doll, though the latter is a limited series. They are also called time loop movies, though I prefer my term More
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3 years ago
This is absolutely not my sort of thing. I watched _When We First Met_ because Alexandra Daddario is in it and that is the end of my reasoning. But I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised. Not enough to come away from the movie with a hearty, wide-net recommendation, but it did give a fix for a l More
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