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Yes Man

1h 44m
Comedy, Romance
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Yes Man Poster
Carl Allen has stumbled across a way to shake free of post-divorce blues and a dead-end job: embrace life and say yes to everything.
Yes Man Poster

Yes Man

1h 44m
Comedy, Romance
Carl Allen has stumbled across a way to shake free of post-divorce blues and a dead-end job: embrace life and say yes to everything.
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Jim Carrey
Carl Allen
Zooey Deschanel
Renee Allison
Rhys Darby
Terence Stamp
Molly Sims
Brent Briscoe
Homeless Guy
Spencer Garrett
Luis Guzmn
Kai Lennox
Flyer Guy
Cecelia Antoinette
Woman Bank Employee
Stephanie Hodge
Ticket Lady
Jamie Denbo
Marv's Wife
Rebecca Corry
Yes Patron
Anna Khaja
Roni Meron
Bigfoot Waitress
Vivian Bang
Kat SawyerYoung
Woman in Gallery
Directed By: Peyton Reed
Written By: Nicholas Stoller (Screenplay), Jarrad Paul (Screenplay), + 1 more

Featured Comments/Tips

Mad Matty says...
2 years ago
"It may not be his best film but no film with Jim Carrey in is a bad film. I really enjoyed it. A guy who says no to everything decides to lead a more upbeat and positive life by saying Yes to everything.... Literally EVERYTHING. It changes his life positively for a while but as with anything done by extreme, it doesn't work out. It's good to have a bit of Yes and No in your life. I would say Yes to this film."
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wearestarrdust says...
4 years ago
"Utterly cliche, completely ridiculous, yet very compelling all the same. I've seen this two or three times now and each time I find I'm grinning in spite of myself. Jim Carey is probably one of the only amusing American comedy actors there is, and while it's not Liar, Liar, it's still quite funny. Also, Rhys Darby as Norman really makes the movie just that little bit better. He's hilarious. My rating is 7.5"
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ReeceThomas197 says...
2 years ago
"A story of Carl Allen. After getting a divorce, he always says ‘no’ to everything. “Do you want to see a film?” No. “Do you want to join me at the pub?” No. “Do you want...” NO MEANS NO! Carl will soon learn the consequences of being Mr Negative in life, as he gets invited to a seminar that could change his life. If he allows it that is"
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Horror future #7 says...
2 years ago
"Although it's a predictable and some kind of ridiculous in many parts i found this movie entertaining and somehow motivational.I reccomend this for fun 7.0/10"
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Featured User Reviews

CONTAINS SPOILERS 4/10   6 months ago
Yes Man is a decent romantic comedy. As everyone mentioned, Jim Carrey plays the same character each time, the humor is dated, and the plot is essentially a remake of Liar Liar, but I fairly enjoyed it nevertheless. Its structure is highly predictable: Carl is an asshole until some weird event chang More
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