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Zodiac Poster


2h 37m
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
The true story of the investigation of the "Zodiac Killer", a serial killer who terrified the San Francisco Bay Area, taunting police with his ciphers and letters. The case becomes an obsession for three men as their lives and careers are built and destroyed by the endless trail of clues.
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Jake Gyllenhaal
Robert Graysmith
Mark Ruffalo
Dave Toschi
Robert Downey Jr
Paul Avery
Anthony Edwards
Bill Armstrong
Chlo Sevigny
Brian Cox
Melvin Belli
John Carroll Lynch
Arthur Leigh Allen
Elias Koteas
Jack Mulanax
Dermot Mulroney
Captain Martin Lee
John Getz
Templeton Peck
John Terry
Charles Thieriot
Donal Logue
Captain Ken Narlow
Adam Goldberg
Duffy Jennings
Richmond Arquette
Zodiac 1 / Zodiac 2
Bob Stephenson
Zodiac 3
John Lacy
Zodiac 4
Ed Setrakian
Al Hyman
Candy Clark
Carol Fisher
June Diane Raphael
Mrs. Toschi
Ciara Hughes
Darlene Ferrin
Clea DuVall
Linda del Buono
Lee Norris
Young Mike Mageau
Jimmi Simpson
Mike Mageau
James Le Gros
Officer George Bawart
Philip Baker Hall
Sherwood Morrill
Directed By: David Fincher
Written By: James Vanderbilt (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

MX23 says...
9 years ago
"David Fincher has always been recognized as one of the best thriller/suspense directors of this generation, and "Zodiac" is just one of his great films. The film is without a doubt a long film, but the suspense and the on-going investigation on the identity of the killer really makes you forget the time. Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo do an excellent job portraying their respective characters. Definately recommended if you like the genre, if you don't have patience for investigaton movies..then don't watch this."
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aldy says...
7 years ago
"Zodiac was a well-made, but ultimately not very thrilling, crime drama. The characters are uninteresting and thrown aside in favour of the story, a series of events which sometimes feel like reading a journal because of the constant time skips. I know that the story's scope is pretty large, but despite the film's length, it still isn't able to concentrate much on any of the events before necessarily moving on. This would have worked much better as a TV series, as it would have allowed for each incident to be explored in more detail and the gaps between them to feel less awkward."
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mindalien says...
10 years ago
"Overrated and way too long."
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Matthew Brady-deleted-1534855046 says...
4 years ago
"“THIS IS THE ZODIAC SPEAKING”. David Fincher's masterpiece "Zodiac" turns 10 years old today and it still scares me. In my opinion, it's my favorite David Fincher film. Just the little details that went into re-creating the crime scenes and the overall feel of it. I was surprised to find out how much CGI was in the movie, as it blended so well with the environment it was set in. There are so many great scenes in this movie that I can't name it all. But that basement scene was just nightmare fuel. It scares me more than any horror movie and it's not even a horror film. The cinematography, the sound, the directing, and Gyllenhaal performance was so excellent. The same goes for the rest of the movie."
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Featured User Reviews

6 months ago
A great character driven crime-drama with wonderful performances from Gyllenhaal, Ruffalo and Downey Jr. Been a few years since I last saw this one but decided to give it a re-watch (seen it I think five times now including the rated version in theaters and then DVD). Even though it's 2.75 hours, ne More
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10 months ago
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @

If you've been following me closely for the past week, I'm currently (re)watching five of David Fincher's films in preparation for his next movie, Mank, which premieres on Netflix in a couple of week More
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John Chard
2 years ago
Peerless precision from Fincher.

I have seen it written that this film shows that Fincher has grown up! And whilst I understand that train of thought, it simply isn't true. What Fincher has done is give a true story his meticulous care and standard deft precision by leaving no stone unturned. We More
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