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...And Justice for All (1979)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Barry Levinson
Crew Writing Writer 99.80

Dave Grusin
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 98.90

Frank Westmore
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 92.40

Joe Wizan
Crew Production Executive Producer 96.40

John F. Burnett
Crew Editing Editor 96.40

Norman Jewison
Crew Directing Director, Producer 99.10

Patrick J. Palmer
Crew Production Producer 99.20

Richard Macdonald
Crew Art Production Design 97.70

Ross Reynolds
Crew Crew Pilot 99.10

Ruth Myers
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 99.60

Thomas L. Roysden
Crew Art Set Decoration 99.10

Valerie Curtin
Crew Writing Writer 96.80

Victor J. Kemper
Crew Camera Director of Photography 98.60

Vivienne Walker
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hairstylist 96.20

Peter Samish
Crew Art Art Direction 88.10

Al Pacino
Cast Actor Arthur Kirkland 9999999

Alan North
Cast Actor Deputy Sheriff 588235.23529412

Baxter Harris
Cast Actor Larry 666666.6

Beverly Sanders
Cast Actress Sherry 526315.73684211

Charles Siebert
Cast Actor Assistant D.A. Keene 476190.42857143

Christine Lahti
Cast Actress Gail Packer 1999999.8

Connie Sawyer
Cast Actress Gitel 499999.95

Craig T. Nelson
Cast Actor Frank Bowers 999999.9

Dominic Chianese
Cast Actor Carl Travers 909090.81818182

Jack Warden
Cast Actor Judge Francis Rayford 9999999

Jeffrey Tambor
Cast Actor Jay Porter 2499999.75

Joe Morton
Cast Actor Prison Doctor 624999.9375

John Forsythe
Cast Actor Judge Henry T. Fleming 4999999.5

Keith Andes
Cast Actor Marvin Bates 434782.56521739

Larry Bryggman
Cast Actor Warren Fresnell 1111111

Lee Strasberg
Cast Actor Grandpa Sam 3333333

Michael Gorrin
Cast Elderly Man 714285.64285714

Robert Christian
Cast Actor Ralph Agee 1428571.2857143

Robert Symonds
Cast Actor Judge Burns 454545.40909091

Sam Levene
Cast Actor Arnie 1666666.5

Terrence Currier
Cast George Reisler 399999.96

Thomas G. Waites
Cast Actor Jeff McCullaugh 1249999.875

Tom Quinn
Cast Actor Desk Clerk Kiley 555555.5

Vasili Bogazianos
Cast Actor Avilar 416666.625

Victor Arnold
Cast Actor Leo Fauci 833333.25

Vincent Beck
Cast Actor Officer Leary 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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