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… tick… tick… tick… (1970)

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Alex Beaton
Crew Editing Editor 81.80

Don Greenwood Jr.
Crew Art Set Decoration 86.30

George W. Davis
Crew Art Art Direction 96.90

James Lee Barrett
Crew Writing Writer, Producer 92.80

Jerry Styner
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 76.70

Leonard Murphy
Crew Production Casting 97.90

Loyal Griggs
Crew Camera Director of Photography 94.70

Ralph Nelson
Crew Directing Director, Producer 93.70

Robert R. Benton
Crew Art Set Decoration 97.70

William Glasgow
Crew Art Art Direction 92.30

William S. Gilmore
Crew Production Producer, Unit Production Manager 98.40

Almira Sessions
Cast Actress Townswoman 370370.33333333

Anne Whitfield
Cast Actress Mrs. Dawes 624999.9375

Anthony James
Cast Actor H.C. Tolbert 833333.25

Barry Cahill
Cast Actor Bob Braddock 666666.6

Bernie Casey
Cast Actor George Harley 999999.9

Bill Walker
Cast Actor John Sawyer 588235.23529412

Clifton James
Cast Actor D.J. Rankin 1428571.2857143

Dan Frazer
Cast Actor Ira Jackson 555555.5

Don Stroud
Cast Actor Bengy Springer 2499999.75

Dub Taylor
Cast Actor Junior 909090.81818182

Ernest Anderson
Cast Actor Homer 769230.69230769

Fredric March
Cast Actor Mayor Jeff Parks 4999999.5

George Cisar
Cast Actor Joe - Barber 454545.40909091

George Kennedy
Cast Actor John Little 9999999

Janet MacLachlan
Cast Actress Mary Price 1999999.8

Jim Brown
Cast Actor Jimmy Price 9999999

Karl Swenson
Cast Actor Frank Braddock Sr. 714285.64285714

Lynn Carlin
Cast Actress Julia Little 3333333

Mills Watson
Cast Actor Joe Warren 1111111

Richard Elkins
Cast Bradford Wilkes 1666666.5

Robert Random
Cast Actor John Braddock 1249999.875

Roy Glenn
Cast Actor The Drunk 476190.42857143

Paulene Myers
Cast Mrs. Harley 434782.56521739

Leonard O. Smith
Cast Fred Price 526315.73684211

Renny Rooker
Cast Shoeshine Boy 499999.95

Dino Washington
Cast Randy Harley 416666.625

Calvin Brown
Cast Harrison Harley 399999.96

Beverly Taylor
Cast Sara Jean 384615.34615385
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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