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Another Round

1h 57m
Comedy, Drama
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Another Round Poster
Four high school teachers launch a drinking experiment: upholding a constant low level of intoxication.
Another Round Poster

Another Round

1h 57m
Comedy, Drama
Four high school teachers launch a drinking experiment: upholding a constant low level of intoxication.
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Directed By: Thomas Vinterberg
Written By: Tobias Lindholm (Screenplay), Thomas Vinterberg (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

miguelreina says...
10 months ago
"The Nordic countries are the ones that most control the sale of alcohol, but also the ones that have the most problems with it. This searching (and finding) of de-inhibition is a very sarcastic look. The film also works better on its uninhibited side than on the dark side. The courage of the proposal seems subjected to a certain moralistic reading. For the dance scene alone, Mads Mikkelsen deserves three Oscars. "What a life, what a night. What a beautiful, beautiful ride"."
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csbarker says...
10 months ago
"Damn nearly died of laughter when it skipped to them fishing for cod haha."
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cybermigu3 says...
5 months ago
"i was expecting a whole 4ss different movie however it surprised me so much. That last dance scene alone should make you watch it (it was the closer i have been to a club in the last 20 months too so...). Pretty good movie with a great cast. 100 % recommended."
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Anathema13 says...
5 months ago
"Scarlet Pleasure - What A Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjVVqpZw-wg or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fCpUmSa-KU"
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Featured User Reviews

8/10   8 months ago
“Do you find me boring?”

‘Another Round’, also known as ‘Druk’ in Danish, is an hilarious and thought-provoking movie that deep dives into the themes it presents: Life, youth, friendship, alcoholism, and being loved. Because if things don’t go well for you in life, then give it anot More
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9 months ago
'Another Round' reminds us not to ignore our youthful dreams and encourages us to soar. A supremely charming effort by Thomas Vinterberg, I weep for the inevitable American remake that reunites the cast of 'Old School' or 'Tag' or something.
- Jake Watt

Read Jake's full article...
https://www.m More
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