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.45 (2006)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Andrew Berry
Crew Art Set Decoration 80.80

David Barkham
Crew Art Production Design 85.40

Gary Lennon
Crew Directing Director, Writer 79.00

Joanna Syrokomla
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 79.40

Richard Nord
Crew Editing Editor 91.50

Roderick Mayne
Crew Art Art Direction 81.80

Sharon Wong
Crew Editing Editor 82.80

Teodoro Maniaci
Crew Camera Director of Photography 92.00

William M. Anderson
Crew Editing Editor 97.90

Forrest & Forrest
Crew Production Casting 83.10

John Robert Wood
Crew Sound Music 75.40

Aisha Tyler
Cast Actress Liz 3333333

Angus Macfadyen
Cast Actor Big Al 9999999

Conrad Bergschneider
Cast Actor Sarge 555555.5

Dawn Greenhalgh
Cast Actress Fran 909090.81818182

Hardee T. Lineham
Cast Actor Father Duffel 999999.9

Kay Hawtrey
Cast Actress Marge 1428571.2857143

Lindsay Stewart
Cast Tattooed Man (uncredited) 499999.95

Milla Jovovich
Cast Actress Kat 9999999

Nola Augustson
Cast Actress Gertie 833333.25

Robin Brûlé
Cast Actress Waitress 666666.6

Sarah Strange
Cast Actress Vic 2499999.75

Stephen Dorff
Cast Actor Reilly 4999999.5

Suresh John
Cast Actor Thief 588235.23529412

Tony Munch
Cast Actor Clancy 1666666.5

Vincent Laresca
Cast Actor Jose 1999999.8

John Robinson
Cast Actor Cop #1 1249999.875

Shawn Campbell
Cast Actor Original Owner 714285.64285714

Tim Eddis
Cast Actor Cop #2 1111111

Chantelle Jewkes
Cast Hooker 526315.73684211

John Gordon
Cast Actor Danny 769230.69230769

Mike McLay
Cast Gertie's Husband 624999.9375
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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