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1h 23m
A Mexican-American couple expecting their first child relocate to a migrant farming community in 1970's California. When the wife begins to experience strange symptoms and terrifying visions, she tries to determine if it's related to a legendary curse or something more nefarious
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Directed By: Ryan Zaragoza

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csrz says...
7 days ago
"Expecting their first child, a Mexican-American couple move to a migrant farming community in 1970's California where strange symptoms and terrifying visions threaten their new family. This one manages to hold my attention for the most part. It's fairly enjoyable pregnancy horror with engaging mystery, spooky atmosphere and decent performances. I wanted to like this more but this film tries to cover an important subject but I don't think the film itself achieved whatever its trying to say so they just slap some real life facts and historical clips in the end to make the message clearer. I mean the subject is horrible and scary enough, I wish the film would've focused more on that instead of adding supernatural elements to it."
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Lee Brown Barrow says...
7 days ago
"More successful as a social issue movie than a horror flick. The true stories that inspired this film are truly horrifying - stay tuned for the coda before the credits - but don’t expect to be chilled by the film’s ghostly narrative."
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