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#realityhigh (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Fernando Lebrija
Crew Directing Director 78.30

Jana Savage
Crew Writing Story 90.60

Brandon Broussard
Crew Writing Story 78.30

Jonathan Zalben
Crew Sound Music 75.40

Hudson Obayuwana
Crew Writing Story 73.70

Ruwanga 'Ru' Samath
Crew Sound Music 79.00

David St. James
Cast Actor Alfred 909090.81818182

Jeffrey D. Sams
Cast Actor Mr. Barnes 624999.9375

John Michael Higgins
Cast Actor Principal Dixon 1666666.5

Kate Walsh
Cast Actress Dr. Fiona Shively 1999999.8

Lilian Tapia
Cast Vinny's Mom 416666.625

Thomas Anthony Jones
Cast Actor Mr. Drake 526315.73684211

Valarie Rae Miller
Cast Actress Mrs. Barnes 666666.6

Carolina Gómez
Cast Actress Adriana Medina 399999.96

Marissa Cuevas
Cast Actress Kimmy 555555.5

Alejandro Edda
Cast Actor Big Jim 1111111

Chris Osborn
Cast Eugene the Camera Guy 434782.56521739

Alicia Sanz
Cast Actress Alexa Medina 4999999.5

Anne Winters
Cast Actress Holly 2499999.75

Jake Borelli
Cast Actor Freddie Myers 3333333

Michael Provost
Cast Actor Shannon 833333.25

Patrick Davis
Cast Actor Miguel 769230.69230769

Peter Gilroy
Cast Broussard 1249999.875

Rebekah Graf
Cast Actress Lana Drake 1428571.2857143

Keith Powers
Cast Actor Cameron Drake 9999999

Nesta Cooper
Cast Actress Dani Barnes 9999999

Kid Ink
Cast Actor Kid Ink 454545.40909091

Jana Savage
Cast Actress Mrs. Savage 476190.42857143

Kellen Michael
Cast Actor Karl Hurwitz 999999.9

Ryan Malaty
Cast Vinny 714285.64285714

Leah Rose Randall
Cast Taylor Barnes 588235.23529412

Suzanne Altfeld
Cast Freddie's Grandmother 499999.95

Olivia Trujillo
Cast 0-Year-Old Alexa 384615.34615385

Jorgen Makena
Cast Cheerleader / Dancer 370370.33333333

Deja Riley
Cast Cheerleader / Dancer 357142.82142857

Alaina Hoolihan
Cast Cheerleader / Dancer 344827.55172414
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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