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0815 at Home Poster

08/15 at Home

1h 36m
Drama, War
The third part of Paul May′s "08/15" trilogy based on the novel by Hans Hellmut Kirst takes place shortly before the end of World War II: In the spring of 1945, the German troops are practically defeated, and the battalion of Kowalski, major general von Plönnies and Asch who had risen to the rank of lieutenant in the meantime is left to its own devices to a large extent. They hope to be able to wait for the end of the war without having to encounter any combat operations. At the same time, Asch tries to prevent high-level Nazi officers from disappearing unnoticed and from cashing in on the chaotic circumstances.
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Joachim Fuchsberger
Gefreiter Asch
OE Hasse
Generalmajor v. Plönies
Hannes Schiel
Oberst Hauk
Gustav Knuth
Major Hinrichsen
Emmerich Schrenk
Hauptmann Schulz
Michael Janisch
Oberleutnant Griefer
Stig Roland
Leutnant Brack
Max Mairich
Stabszahlmeister Brahm
Peter Carsten
Stabsgefreiter Kowalski
Helen Vita
Lore Schulz
Hans Christian Blech
Wachtmeister Platzek
Mario Adorf
Unteroffizier Stamm
Renate Ewert
Gustav Waldau
Alter Mann
Jrgen Micksch
Heini, HJ-Führer
Directed By: Paul May

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