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Come True Poster

Come True

1h 45m
Science Fiction, Horror
High school student Sarah is at her lowest point when she runs away from home and finds herself with no one to rely on and struggling with recurring nightmares. She chances upon a university sleep study that offers the promise of safety and money, and which also brings her an unexpected friend and confidant in the overseeing scientist Jeremy. But there’s something curious about proceedings, and being under observation seems to make Sarah’s disturbing dreams even worse. As the darkness begins to close in, it’s soon clear that Sarah has unknowingly become the conduit to a horrifying new discovery…
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Directed By: Anthony Scott Burns

Featured Comments/Tips

skelas says...
a month ago
"I'm sorry, but a really really interesting concept, and a very intriguing first half of the film just completely falls apart in the second half. It was similar to John Snow finding out he was Aegon Targaryen, but then meaning absolutely jack shit to the story. Such a great premise that was ruined by an ending that i'd expect in a 7th grade creative writing class."
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miguelreina says...
6 months ago
"[Sitges FF] The shadow. Rarely have shadows produced so much chill. The multi-faceted director builds a superb representation of the world of dreams / nightmares. It achieves an atmosphere of constant unease, thanks to a claustrophobic cinematography of grays and blues, in which reality and dreams are progressively confused, and to one of the best scores of the genre this year. We end up immersed in a world of dreams, trapped in a nightmare from which we have no escape."
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logikloch says...
7 months ago
"The most unique movie I have seen in years! Deeply unsettling, beguiling, always discomforting, smart and sometimes even hypnotic. Camera, sound and score are amazing. Check this one out if you can, it has the potential to become big."
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hamood_d10 says...
a month ago
"If you love movies, and love your precious time, STAY AWAY!!!"
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Featured User Reviews

a month ago
The human brain, Anthony Scott Burns suggests, is the ultimate horror movie director, and the sleep paralysis demons of 'Come True' are just an extreme form of the standard-issue nightmares we all unwillingly create on a regular basis. It's one thing to be tormented. It's another thing to face the g More
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