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10 Attitudes (2001)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Jason Stuart
Crew Writing Story, Producer 95.40

Jerry Rosenberg
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer 58.60

Michael O. Gallant
Crew Directing Director, Story, Producer, Cinematography 90.00

Adrian Armas
Cast Actor Carlos 499999.95

Alexandra Paul
Cast Actress Leslie 2499999.75

Bruce Vilanch
Cast Actor Self 370370.33333333

Bryan Shyne
Cast Ryan (10 Attitude #5) 714285.64285714

Christopher Cowan
Cast Brandon 1428571.2857143

David Faustino
Cast Actor Billy (10 Attitude #3) 4999999.5

Erik Audé
Cast Actor Travis 555555.5

Jason Stuart
Cast Actor Josh Stevens 9999999

Jim J. Bullock
Cast Actor Tex 9999999

Judy Tenuta
Cast Actress Glenda 1999999.8

Mathew Botuchis
Cast Actor Young Jack 454545.40909091

Michael Lee Harring
Cast Jimmy (10 Attitude #1) 769230.69230769

Mitch Hara
Cast Actor Tony 1111111

Sean Kanan
Cast Actor Craig 3333333

Ben Crowley
Cast Actor Todd 526315.73684211

Hilliard Guess
Cast Stephen (10 Attitude #7) 666666.6

Joey Vieira
Cast Actor Leo - Attitude #9 999999.9

Danny Fehsenfeld
Cast Actor Waiter at Skewers 399999.96

Lydia Nicole
Cast Claire 833333.25

Hope Adams
Cast Kate 416666.625

Sheila Kay
Cast Cheryl 909090.81818182

Cast Nick's Drag Queen Date 384615.34615385

Gilles Robitaille
Cast Phillipe 434782.56521739

Fritz Greve
Cast Jack Langford 1249999.875

Tony Rasmussen
Cast Actor Marty (10 Attitude #8) 624999.9375

Scott Larson
Cast Nick (10 Attitude #10) 588235.23529412
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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