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10 Items or Less Poster

10 Items or Less

1h 21m
Comedy, Drama
An actor who is considering the role of a supermarket manager arrives at a grocery store on the outskirts of Los Angeles to do some field research. He subsequently becomes stranded, without a car or cell phone, and accepts a ride home with Scarlet, a cashier who is about to interview for a new job. The actor rediscovers the essence of his craft while helping Scarlet gain the confidence she needs to change her life.
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Paz Vega
Jonah Hill
Anne Dudek
Jennifer Echols
Tracey with an 'E'
Leonardo Nam
Kid at Target
Jim Parsons
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
Gangbanger in Lowrider
Danny DeVito
Big D
Rhea Perlman
Mrs. D
Alexis Hernandez
Cowed Customer
Silvia Curiel
Shocked Customer
Matthew Perales
Carwash Kid
Eddie  Piolin  Sotelo
Radio DJ (voice)
Nacho Pina
Market Husband
Francisca Hernandez
Market Wife / Market Gossip #1
Rosa Diaz
Market Gossip #2
Ski Carr
Tony / Banger (uncredited)
Directed By: Brad Silberling

Featured Comments/Tips

VWFringe says...
one year ago
"If you're like me, you'll forever associate this song with this short film...and, you'll want to hear it again ! ' ' [title](https://youtu.be/ExcPYDxIjb4) La Receta by Kemo, the Blaxican"
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RickPantera says...
6 years ago
"It would be nice if just for once the writers would give me credit for being the bases of their work"
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PedroPT-deleted-1558552322 says...
7 years ago
"a nice "feel good" movie =)"
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Lee Brown Barrow says...
3 months ago
"Watch it for 30 minutes or less and you will get a funny, charming movie. Continue to watch and you will get a little more of the same, but it runs out of steam before the end."
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Featured User Reviews

3 years ago
A small film that somehow restores your faith in life, in people, in, well,… everything

RELEASED IN 2006 and written & directed by Brad Silberling, “10 Items or Less” is a drama about an aged has-been actor (Morgan Freeman) who researches for an indie gig after a four-year dry spell. He mee More
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