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10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Albert Gasser
Crew Editing Dialogue Editor 99.90

Andrew Lazar
Crew Production Producer 97.30

Bayard Carey
Crew Sound Production Sound Mixer 96.50

Ben Scott
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator 95.30

Carol Winstead Wood
Crew Art Production Design 96.60

Charles Graffeo
Crew Art Set Decoration 96.40

David Schneider
Crew Sound Boom Operator 95.30

Dean A. Zupancic
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer 99.90

Donald J. Malouf
Crew Sound Supervising Sound Effects Editor 98.80

Donna Morong
Crew Production Casting 94.70

Gail Goldberg
Crew Production Casting 98.00

Gary Katsuya Ushino
Crew Camera First Assistant Camera 98.90

Gil Junger
Crew Directing Director 96.80

Gilbert Wong
Crew Art Art Direction 96.10

Greg Silverman
Crew Production Associate Producer 99.40

Gregg Barbanell
Crew Sound Foley Artist 99.90

Jeffrey Chernov
Crew Production Executive Producer 100.00

Jimmy N. Roberts
Crew Crew Stunts 99.80

Jody Hedien
Crew Production Co-Producer 95.30

K.C. Colwell
Crew Directing Assistant Director 99.30

Karen McCullah Lutz
Crew Writing Writer 99.50

Kimberly A. Tillman
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 92.90

Kirsten Smith
Crew Writing Writer 99.10

Marcia Ross
Crew Production Casting 99.70

Mark Irwin
Crew Camera Director of Photography 99.80

Martin 'Vinnie' Hagood
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 95.60

Mel Metcalfe
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer 99.90

Nancy Karlin
Crew Directing Script Supervisor 98.80

Nancy MacLeod
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 99.80

Nils C. Jensen
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor 97.90

O. Nicholas Brown
Crew Editing Editor 98.20

Pauletta O. Lewis
Crew Costume & Make-Up Key Hair Stylist 97.00

Ralph Sall
Crew Crew Executive Music Producer 98.10

Richard Gibbs
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 98.60

Robin Buerki
Crew Camera Camera Operator, Steadycam 96.40

Ross T. Fanger
Crew Production Unit Production Manager 99.90

Seth Jaret
Crew Production Executive Producer 98.00

Terry Porter
Crew Sound Sound Re-Recording Mixer 99.20

William Shakespeare
Crew Writing Theatre Play 98.60

Alexandria Forster
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor 98.50

Marguerite Pomerhn Derricks
Crew Crew Choreographer 99.60

Casey Pritchett
Crew Crew Special Effects Coordinator 96.50

Jeffrey G. Barnett
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator 95.80

Wesley Scott
Crew Crew Stunts 96.50

Thomas Whiting
Crew Sound Supervising ADR Editor 95.30

Aaron Therol
Cast Detention Student 370370.33333333

Aidan Kennedy
Cast Laughing Loser 416666.625

Alice Evans
Cast Perky Girl 270270.24324324

Allison Janney
Cast Actress Ms. Perky 999999.9

Andrew Keegan
Cast Actor Joey Donner 1999999.8

Ari Karczag
Cast Actor Kissing Guy 285714.25714286

Ben Laurance
Cast Wimpy Loser 434782.56521739

Bianca Kajlich
Cast Actress Coffee Girl 476190.42857143

Brian Hood
Cast Clem 303030.27272727

Brian Mashburn
Cast Actor Save Ferris Singer 243902.41463415

Cameron Fraser
Cast Trevor 666666.6

Carlos Lacámara
Cast Actor Bartender 357142.82142857

Daryl Mitchell
Cast Actor Mr. Morgan 1111111

David Krumholtz
Cast Actor Michael Eckman 2499999.75

David Leisure
Cast Actor Mr. Chapin 909090.81818182

Demegio Kimbrough
Cast Coffee Kid 555555.5

Dennis Mosley
Cast Cohort 499999.95

Eric Riedmann
Cast Actor Audio Visual Guy 624999.9375

Gabrielle Union
Cast Actress Chastity 1428571.2857143

Greg Jackson
Cast Actor Scruvy 833333.25

Heath Ledger
Cast Actor Patrick Verona 9999999

J.R. Johnson
Cast Mba Guy at Party 322580.61290323

Jelani Quinn
Cast Actor Crying Loser 399999.96

Jesper Inglis
Cast Buckaroo Bartender 263157.86842105

Jesse Dyer
Cast Screaming Loser 384615.34615385

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Cast Actor Cameron James 4999999.5

Joshua Thorpe
Cast Jock 333333.3

Julia Stiles
Cast Actress Katarina "Kat" Stratford 9999999

Kay Hanley
Cast Letters To Cleo Singer 238095.21428571

Kyle Cease
Cast Bogie Lowenstien 769230.69230769

Larisa Oleynik
Cast Actress Bianca Stratford 3333333

Larry Miller
Cast Actor Walter Stratford 1249999.875

Laura Kenny
Cast Actress Judith 277777.75

Michael Eisenstein
Cast Letters To Cleo Singer 232558.11627907

Monique Powell
Cast Actress Save Ferris Singer 249999.975

Nick Brown
Cast Biker 256410.23076923

Nick Vukelic
Cast Drugged Out Loser 454545.40909091

Quinn Maixner
Cast Beautiful Jock 588235.23529412

Susan May Pratt
Cast Actress Mandella 1666666.5

Terence Heuston
Cast Actor Derek 714285.64285714

Todd Butler
Cast Coffee Kid 526315.73684211

Travis Muller
Cast Cowboy 294117.61764706

Wendy Gottlieb
Cast Heather 312499.96875

Heather Taylor
Cast Drunken Girl 344827.55172414
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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