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10 Years (2011)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Chad Fischer
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 95.70

D. Scott Lumpkin
Crew Production Executive Producer 96.80

Frank Mancuso Jr.
Crew Production Executive Producer 97.90

Kara Lindstrom
Crew Art Production Design 98.10

Wyck Godfrey
Crew Production Producer 99.00

Channing Tatum
Crew Production Producer 100.00

Eric Gores
Crew Production Executive Producer 95.10

Jake Pushinsky
Crew Editing Editor 87.10

Jamie Linden
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay 95.90

Marty Bowen
Crew Production Producer 99.90

Reid Carolin
Crew Production Producer 96.50

Trayce Gigi Field
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 90.30

Steven Fierberg
Crew Camera Director of Photography 97.70

Billy W. Ray
Crew Art Set Decoration 95.50

RA Arancio-Parrain
Crew Art Art Direction 86.80

Ari Graynor
Cast Actress Sam 2499999.75

Chris Pratt
Cast Actor Cully 714285.64285714

Justin Long
Cast Actor Marty 1428571.2857143

Kate Mara
Cast Actress Elise 1111111

Kelly Noonan
Cast Actress Julie 909090.81818182

Ron Livingston
Cast Actor Paul 1666666.5

Rosario Dawson
Cast Actress Mary 9999999

Anthony Mackie
Cast Actor Andre 1249999.875

Brian Geraghty
Cast Actor Garrity 3333333

Channing Tatum
Cast Actor Jake 666666.6

Jenna Dewan
Cast Actress Jess 4999999.5

Lynn Collins
Cast Actress Anna 9999999

Max Minghella
Cast Actor AJ 999999.9

Oscar Isaac
Cast Actor Reeves 1999999.8

Scott Porter
Cast Actor Scott 769230.69230769

Aubrey Plaza
Cast Actress Olivia 833333.25

Aaron Yoo
Cast Peter Jung 624999.9375
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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