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10 to Midnight (1983)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Adam Greenberg
Crew Camera Director of Photography 99.80

J. Lee Thompson
Crew Directing Director, Story 98.00

Jim Freiburger
Crew Art Art Direction 82.30

Lance Hool
Crew Production Producer 93.70

Menahem Golan
Crew Production Executive Producer 95.10

Pancho Kohner
Crew Production Producer 89.40

Peter Lee-Thompson
Crew Editing Editor 90.90

Robert O. Ragland
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 89.50

William Roberts
Crew Writing Writer 92.80

Yoram Globus
Crew Production Executive Producer 94.30

John Crowther
Crew Production Casting 88.10

Andrew Stevens
Cast Actor Paul McAnn 4999999.5

Anne Lockhart
Cast Actress Murder Victim (uncredited) 384615.34615385

Arthur Hansel
Cast Judge Mellen 624999.9375

Barbara Pilavin
Cast Actress Mrs. Byrd 499999.95

Beau Billingslea
Cast Actor Desk Sergeant 476190.42857143

Bert Williams
Cast Actor F.L. Johnson 1249999.875

Breck Costin
Cast Tim Bailey 454545.40909091

Carmen Filpi
Cast Actor Hotel Clerk 434782.56521739

Charles Bronson
Cast Actor Leo Kessler 9999999

Cosie Costa
Cast Actor Dudley 833333.25

Deran Sarafian
Cast Actor Dale Anders 416666.625

Gene Davis
Cast Actor Warren Stacy 2499999.75

Geoffrey Lewis
Cast Actor Dave Dante 3333333

Jeana Keough
Cast Actress Karen Smalley 714285.64285714

Jeane Manson
Cast Actress Margo 399999.96

June Gilbert
Cast Betty Johnson 666666.6

Katrina Parish
Cast Tina 555555.5

Kelly Preston
Cast Actress Doreen 909090.81818182

Lisa Eilbacher
Cast Actress Laurie Kessler 9999999

Ola Ray
Cast Actress Ola 999999.9

Patti Tippo
Cast Actress Party Girl 370370.33333333

Paul McCallum
Cast Lab Technician 769230.69230769

Robert F. Lyons
Cast Actor Nathan Zager 1666666.5

Sam Chew Jr.
Cast Actor Minister 588235.23529412

Shawn Schepps
Cast Actress Peg 526315.73684211

Wilford Brimley
Cast Actor Clem Malone 1999999.8

Sydna Scott
Cast Actress Marge Johnson 1428571.2857143

Iva Lane
Cast Bunny 1111111
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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