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10,000 Saints (2015)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Ann Goulder
Crew Production Casting 99.60

Anne Carey
Crew Production Producer 96.20

Robert Pulcini
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay, Editor 94.20

Shari Springer Berman
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay 93.90

Stephen Beatrice
Crew Art Production Design 97.90

Suttirat Anne Larlarb
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 98.00

Trudie Styler
Crew Production Producer 97.60

Ben Kutchins
Crew Camera Director of Photography 94.10

Celine Rattray
Crew Production Producer 92.90

Luca Borghese
Crew Production Producer 93.80

Amy Nauiokas
Crew Production Producer 91.80

Garth Stevenson
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 88.70

Eleanor Henderson
Crew Writing Novel 81.70

Emile Hirsch
Cast Actor Johnny 3333333

Emily Mortimer
Cast Actress Diane Urbanski 2499999.75

Ethan Hawke
Cast Actor Les Horn 9999999

Julianne Nicholson
Cast Actress Harriet 1999999.8

Asa Butterfield
Cast Actor Jude Keffy-Horn 9999999

Avan Jogia
Cast Actor Teddy McNicholas 1666666.5

Hailee Steinfeld
Cast Actress Eliza Urbanski 4999999.5

Lauren Milberger
Cast Protester 1111111

Nadia Alexander
Cast Actress Prudence 1428571.2857143

Jeff O'Donnell
Cast Tory Ventura 1249999.875
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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