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10/31 (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Rocky Gray
Crew Directing Director 59.50

Hunter Johnson
Crew Directing Director 74.00

Brett DeJager
Crew Directing Director 74.00

John William Holt
Crew Directing Director 75.40

Justin M. Seaman
Crew Directing Director 77.40

Zane Hershberger
Crew Directing Director 66.60

Barry Clifton
Cast Actor Newscaster (VO) 3333333

Wendy Keeling
Cast Cathy 588235.23529412

Mitchell Musolino
Cast Kevin 434782.56521739

Nickolaus Joshua
Cast Tyler 624999.9375

Jordan Phipps
Cast Mary McNeely 399999.96

Kirby Gocke
Cast Mother 1249999.875

Katie Walgrave
Cast Katie 370370.33333333

Angel Wright
Cast Partygoer #6 344827.55172414

Jennifer Nangle
Cast Malvolia: The Queen of Screams 416666.625

Greg Fallon
Cast Peter McNeely 2499999.75

Hanleigh Baker
Cast Bela 9999999

Chad Bruns
Cast Jeff 4999999.5

Egypt Forrest
Cast Trickster 1999999.8

Fox Forrest
Cast Ben 1666666.5

Jedediah Giacchino
Cast The Old Hag 1428571.2857143

Abraham Gray
Cast Jacob McNeely 1111111

Madison Gray
Cast Partygoer #4 999999.9

Renee Gray
Cast Partygoer #5 909090.81818182

Sable Griedel
Cast Stephanie 833333.25

Ethan Hemenway
Cast John 769230.69230769

Ryan Heumier
Cast Samuel Lacroix / The Samhain Slasher 714285.64285714

Bailey Ingersoll
Cast Ashley 666666.6

Cindy Maples
Cast Kathy 555555.5

Brittany Moore
Cast Partygoer #7 / Ouija Board Girl 499999.95

Derek Moore
Cast Partygoer #1 476190.42857143

Jessica Moore
Cast Partygoer #2 454545.40909091

Allen Regimbal
Cast Allen 384615.34615385

Darius White
Cast Dante 357142.82142857
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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