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A Monster Calls

1h 48m
Drama, Fantasy
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A Monster Calls Poster
A boy imagines a monster that helps him deal with his difficult life and see the world in a different way.
A Monster Calls Poster

A Monster Calls

1h 48m
Drama, Fantasy
A boy imagines a monster that helps him deal with his difficult life and see the world in a different way.
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Lewis MacDougall
Conor O'Malley
Felicity Jones
Lizzie O'Malley (Mum)
Liam Neeson
The Monster (voice)
Ben Moor
Mr. Clark
Frida Palsson
Lily's Mum
Wanda Opalinska
Female Nurse
Oliver Steer
Jennifer Lim
Miss Kwan
Max Gabbay
Joe Curtis
Morgan Symes
Max Golds
5 Year Old Connor
Patrick Taggart
Geraldine Chaplin
The Head Teacher
Jake Talbot
Rollercoaster Boy
Lee Bolton
Rollercoster Rider
Garry Marriott
Directed By: J. A. Bayona
Written By: Patrick Ness (Screenplay)

Featured Comments/Tips

faithful soul says...
5 years ago
"I'm still sobbing as I write this. The film is very good but it is quite traumatic. It is a subtle meditation on grief (as symbolised by the monster) and will ring true to a lot of peoples experiences. Billed as a family film, though I fear young ones will be too scared by the monster and too upset by the subject matter. Brilliant performance from the young lead and a great script that isn't as heavy handed as it could have been."
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djryan says...
5 years ago
"Dizzyingly perfect. Don't read anything about it, just go and see. Make sure you bring plenty of tissues."
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great_vc says...
5 years ago
"Apart from the last 15 minutes and the climax i believe the film delivered flat and cheap drama. The story was mediocre and the whole movie didn't pass above average"
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jekyl6669 says...
5 years ago
"Decent coming-of-age fantasy fable, with the fairly interesting gimmick of using this imaginary monster to deal with grief. Ultimately I didn't care though and I think a lot of it has to do with the little sh!t, unlikable lead...."
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Featured User Reviews

Matthew Brady-deleted-1534855046
8/10   5 years ago
“There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”

Before seeing the movie, I didn't know much about "A Monster Calls". The only information I got from it is that it's based on Patrick Ness novel and the trailer had a "Ir More
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4 years ago
A Monster Calls is a film that tackles a difficult and very emotional subject and wraps it up in a fantasy-monster tale. It could be awful, really bad, but in this case, thankfully the topic and the way it is portrayed and told to the viewer is handled admirably. As is always the case with these typ More
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   1 0 0
3 years ago
**An alternate way to confront the reality.**

Based on the British novel, made by a well known Spanish director. This film might remind you the titles like 'Finding Neverland', 'Where the Wild Things Are', 'Neverwas' et cetera, but still it is unique. Particularly for the message it carried out. More
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