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100 Pro

1h 28m
Two boys (Ken Duken and Luca Verhoeven) try to get into the Munich Disco "Spy", but Dennis, the chief of Disco doesn't allow them to enter the club. This is the whole story - believe it or not, but director and writer Simon Verhoeven made a movie with a runtime of 88 Minutes based on this story. Low budget, but great fun. Nice pictures of Munich, good and intelligent ideas (Floh and Marcel are playing football, while Werner Hansch, a famous german TV-Sport-Presenter, reports their game to the audience)make the movie worth to be seen. Not a revolution, but, as said, it's fun.
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Ken Duken
Ken Duken Floh
Mavie Hrbiger
Mavie Hörbiger Vicky a.k.a 'Mäuslein'
Max von Thun
Max von Thun Meister Eder
Gisela Schneeberger
Gisela Schneeberger Marcels Mutter
Eralp Uzun
Eralp Uzun Eralp
Mia Coleman
Mia Coleman Unterwäschemodel #1
Annika Murjahn
Annika Murjahn Unterwäschemodel #2
Nina Bagusat
Nina Bagusat Vanessa
Vanessa Jung
Vanessa Jung Michelle
Doren Dietel
Doreén Dietel Ederfrau blond
Sara IsmaAe
Sara Isma-Ae Ederfrau braun
Damir Fister
Damir Fister Damir
Stephen Sikder
Stephen Sikder Nachtschwärmer
Tabea Heynig
Tabea Heynig Tanja
Werner Hansch
Werner Hansch Fußballkommentator
Directed By: Simon Verhoeven
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