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100 Rifles Poster

100 Rifles

1h 50m
Adventure, Action, Western, War
When half-breed Indian Yaqui Joe robs an Arizona bank, he is pursued by dogged lawman Lyedecker. Fleeing to Mexico, Joe is imprisoned by General Verdugo, who is waging a war against the Yaqui Indians. When Lyedecker attempts to intervene, he is thrown into prison as well. Working together, the two escape and take refuge in the hills, where Lyedecker meets beautiful Yaqui freedom fighter Sarita and begins to question his allegiances.
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Jim Brown
Raquel Welch
Burt Reynolds
Yaqui Joe Herrera
Fernando Lamas
General Verdugo
Dan OHerlihy
Steven Grimes
Eric Braeden
Lt. Franz Von Klemme
Aldo Sambrell
Sgt. Paletes
Soledad Miranda
Girl in Hotel
Alberto Dalbs
Padre Francisco
Charly Bravo
Jos Manuel Martn
Sarita's Father
Lorenzo Lamas
Indian Boy (uncredited)
Directed By: Tom Gries

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John Chard
2 years ago
Rifles or Trifles?

100 Rifles is directed by Tom Gries and Gries adapts to screenplay with Clair Huffaker from Robert MacLeod's novel The Californio. It stars Burt Reynolds, Jim Brown, Raquel Welch, Fernando Lamas and Dan O'Herlihy. Music is by Jerry Goldsmith and cinematography by Cecilio Paniag More
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