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Seven Seconds

Limited Series
1 Season
10 Episodes
Crime, Drama
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Seven Seconds Poster
Tensions run high between African American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop.
Seven Seconds Poster

Seven Seconds

Limited Series
Crime, Drama
1 Season
10 Episodes
Tensions run high between African American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop.
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Netflix 1 Season

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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1
Seven Seconds Episode: Pilot
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 2
Seven Seconds Episode: Brentons Breath
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 3
Seven Seconds Episode: Matters of Life and Death
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 4
Seven Seconds Episode: That What Follows
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 5
Seven Seconds Episode: Of Gods and Men
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 6
Seven Seconds Episode: Until It Do
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 7
Seven Seconds Episode: Boxed Devil
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 8
Seven Seconds Episode: Bailed Out
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 9
Seven Seconds Episode: Witnesses for the Prosecution
February 23rd 2018
Season 1 Episode 10
Seven Seconds Episode: A Boy and a Bike
February 23rd 2018


ClareHope Ashitey
KJ Harper
Regina King
Latrice Butler
Beau Knapp
Peter Jablonski
Michael Mosley
Joe 'Fish' Rinaldi
David Lyons
Mike Diangelo
Ral Castillo
Felix Osorio
Michelle Veintimilla
Marie Jablonski
Robert Myers
Courtroom Spectator
Created By: Veena Sud
Directed By: Daniel Attias (10 Episodes), Ernest R. Dickerson (10 Episodes), + 5 more
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Featured Comments/Tips

"Just binged it, and it is fantastic. Superb production with great acting and captivating screenplay."
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"I have just spent my whole Saturday binge watching this show..... A must watch.... Great cast of actors and they all shined, no one stands out, but only because they all play it straight and just lets the story be the star. It is slow and almost plods to the ending, but some how it grips you and keeps you watching. So refreshing to have no overly graphic scenes and to let your mind work out how horrendous the sights must be..... The ending is perfect, gut wrenching, but perfect. It hasn't been set up for a second series, but I for one would love to see it come back.... I gave it a 8/10, my heart wanted to go higher, I think if it had been one episode less I would have gone 9/10"
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"Bless Veena Sud and her artistic vision!"
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Featured User Reviews

by abetancort - Is this helpful?UpvoteDownvote
**I don’t know why trakt.tv has only what appears to be a dislodged rating system**. At least it could enable the use of a double system, the actual and a parallel one. *The latter based on the actual ratings and data gathered from each episode to derive each season and overall series ratings using applied statistics*.

As of now, Sunday, February 25, 2018, 01:41 UTC, the ratings for this show, *Seven Seconds*, were:

**Whole Show (only one season released) gets a 50%** with 18 votes,
**Season 1 (10 episodes, all released) has an 80%** with 2 votes,
**Each Episode** of the season 1 **has a rating between 68% and 77%** and 8 episodes out of the 10 received ratings 70% or higher.

Obviously, the TV Show’s, Season’s and Episodes’ ratings don’t seem to add up. To me, they simply don’t make any sense.

*The current rating system besides being misleading to most*, **makes much harder than it should [could] be to find out [make an informed guess] if watching a specific TV Show or Season could be worthwhile or not**.

_Maybe someone could explain why trakt.tv doesn’t have, at least optionally, a parallel rating system derived from an algorithm –system– which makes mathematical and statistical sense or otherwise be so kind to explain to me how to make sense of the current one, **because sincerely I don’t get it at all**_.
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