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20th Century Boy and Girl

20th Century Boy and Girl (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
Lee Dongyoon
Lee Dong-yoon
Crew Directing Director 32
Kim Changwan
Kim Chang-wan
Cast Actor Sa Chang-wan 32
Kim Mikyeong
Kim Mi-kyeong
Cast Actress Kim Mi-kyung 32
Ryu Hyunkyung
Ryu Hyun-kyung
Cast Actress Han Ah-reum 32
Park Myungshin
Park Myung-shin
Cast Actress Kim Young-Ja 32
Han Yeseul
Han Ye-seul
Cast Actress Sa Jin-jin 32
Beomho Choi
Beom-ho Choi
Cast Han Hak-Gyu 32
Kim Jiseok
Kim Ji-seok
Cast Actor Gong Ji-won 32
Lee Sangwu
Lee Sang-wu
Cast Actor Anthony 32
Shin Dongmi
Shin Dong-mi
Cast Actress Choi Jung-eun 32
Kim Taehun
Kim Tae-hun
Cast Actor Lee Seung-Goo 32
Kim Yeongseon
Kim Yeong-seon
Cast Actress Lee Gwang-Hee 32
Shin Wonho
Shin Won-ho
Cast Actor Sa Min-ho 32
Han Sunhwa
Han Sun-hwa
Cast Actress Jung Da-Young 32
Ahn Seha
Ahn Se-ha
Cast Actor Jung Woo-sung 32
Lee Youmi
Lee You-mi
Cast Actress Mi-Dal 32
Jang Heeryung
Jang Hee-ryung
Cast Actress Jang Ji-Hye 32
Lee Jaekyoon
Lee Jae-kyoon
Cast Actor Lee Hong-Hee 32
Jang JaeHo
Jang Jae-Ho
Cast Actor Kim Tae-Hyun 32
Kang Mina
Kang Mi-na
Cast Actress Sa Jin-jin (young) 32
Lee Sanghee
Lee Sang-hee
Cast Actress Jang Young-shim 32
Lee Hanseo
Lee Han-seo
Cast Actress Han Ah-reum 32
Oh Sangjin
Oh Sang-jin
Cast Actor Kang Kyung-sik 32
Lee Chang Yup
Lee Chang Yup
Cast Actor Lee Dong-Hoon 32
Shin Sehwi
Shin Se-hwi
Cast Actress Lee Ha-Ram 32
Jo Hyunsik
Jo Hyun-sik
Cast Actor van driver 32
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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