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#Shelfie with Dan Hong

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Series 1  
Episode 10
The share-house fridge can be a thing of wonder or disgust. But after Nash posts a #sheflie, Dan Hong manages to whip up the ultimate share-able dish Chicken and beef gyoza!
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Episode 9
Did somebody say Cheeseburger Pasta Bake? It's Dan Hong to the rescue when Jess posts a #shelfie full of pasta and snacks. This next level epic Cheeseburger Pasta Bake may just be Australia's new national dish.
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Episode 8
Did you know that Vegemite can be a great umami-rich substitute for soy sauce? Neither did Katie until Dan Hong chose her #shelfie to make a Faux Fried Rice, using steak and pasta!
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Episode 7
Geoffrey loves seafood, but is a little bit intimidated when it comes to cooking it at home. His solution? He posted a #shelfie and Dan Hong arrived at his home to cook up a ocean caught extravaganza.
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Episode 6
Prepare to witness the creation of the most epic chicken sandwich of all time after Dan Hong receives a #shelfie from Rebecca, and her culinary-challenged partner, Ari.
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Episode 5
Things get spicy for Dan Hong when Jeevans posts a #shelfie of his spice shelf and his backyard curry bush. Dan arrives with some prawns and a BBQ In A Box - and the end result is one of the tastiest #shelfies yet.
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Episode 4
A gluten-free vegan meal is the challenge for Dan this time around, after Alannah posted a photo of her cupboard to #shelfie. But the end result is so tasty that Dan wants to put it on his restaurant menu.
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Episode 3
What do you do if you are a pregnant foodie, who has lost the energy to be creative in the kitchen? Post a #Shelfie and Dan Hong might come to the rescue.
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Episode 2
The Friday night midnight cook-up will never be the same again after Dan Hong spies hot dogs and American cheese in Pat's #shelfie, and decides to cook up a classic Korean Army Stew.
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Episode 1
After spying a bottle of his favourite liquid seasoning and a packet of corn chips in a #shelfie posted by Tiff, Dan Hong's creativity is put to the test, and the result is one of the most unique fish and chips you will ever see.
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