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Season 5  
Series 5 Complimation of Highlights
Episode 7 - 12-23-2004
The best bits of series 5.
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Episode 28
Episode 6 - 12-13-2004
In an American Santas Grotto, George Bush arrests Santa for being Bin Laden even though Bin Ladens one of the elfs. The I'm a Celebrity guests fly home refusing to eat the in-flight meals. At Number 1, Tony Blair deals with David Blunketts 'Shag Me' Sign on his back.
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Episode 27
Episode 5 - 12-06-2004
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Episode 26
Episode 4 - 11-29-2004
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Episode 25
Episode 3 - 11-22-2004
The Rooneys then I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here, an F1 race , Rat Hunters and What not to wear in the Garden of Eden.
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Episode 24
George Bush and Tony Blair record 'Kill the world' Theirs the premiere of Bridget Jones 2. Chuck and Donkey go and find a potion to make Chuck king and Gordan Ramsay helps out a lion thats eating its zebra.
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Episode 23
Episode 1 - 11-08-2004
Tony Blair has a firework display, The X Factor Judges chooses the best mobile phone. Wayne Rooney visits the Slappersaurus, George Bush celebrates '4 more wars' and Peter Andre and Jordan take a walk in a park while Bin Laden launches his Cave Workout video.
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Season 4  
Episode 22
Episode 6 - 4-11-2004
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Episode 21
Episode 5 - 4-04-2004
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Episode 20
Episode 4 - 3-28-2004
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Episode 19
Episode 3 - 3-21-2004
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Episode 18
Episode 2 - 3-14-2004
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Episode 17
It's the day after the Lord of the rings Oscar party and Gollum is in his bed with a hangover, hoping he didn't do anything stupid. John Prescott goes to see Tony Blair but Tony is busy spying on General Kofi Annan's phone call. An Iraq desert and Tony Blair and John Prescott are searching for the weapons of mass destruction with metal detectors. Sian Lloyd is doing the weather of the Lord of the rings settings e.g the Shire and Mordor
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Season 3  
Series 3 Complimation of Highlights (2)
Episode 7 - 2-12-2003
The best bits of series 3 part 2.
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Unaired Sketches
Episode 6
Haven't Seen
Series 3 Complimation of Highlights (1)
Episode 5 - 2-05-2003
The best bits of series 3 part 1.
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Episode 16
Episode 4 - 12-18-2002
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Episode 15
Episode 3 - 12-11-2002
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Episode 14
Episode 2 - 12-04-2002
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Episode 13
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Season 2  
(series 2 compilation)
Episode 7 - 6-21-2002
The best bits of series 2 crammed into half an hour!
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Episode 12
Episode 6 - 6-01-2002
It's 2052 AD and the Queen is celebrating 100 years on the throne. Stephen Byers is leaving and a party is held. Their's Celebrity survivor!, the contestants are all overrated celebrities that nobody likes & Tony Blair shakes his ass at the cabinet even though the real cabinet are there.
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Episode 11
Episode 5 - 5-25-2002
Angus Deayton is in a hotel named ""Have we got rooms for you"". Sven Goran-Erikkson is in a creppy castle with a creepy labortory like Dr. Frankenstein.We then visit Madonna and Guy Ritchie's castle, which is guarded by Vinnie Jones & It's night time at Buckingham palace and all the royals are asleep. Except for Prince Harry who has a wild, drunken party.
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Episode 10
Episode 4 - 5-18-2002
Sven Goran-Erikkson is with the Beckhams and David and Paul Scholes are playing football. Richard Desmond has given the government a huge sum of cash. Trevor McDonald does a report in Text message talk. Bill Gates showes his family their new house, House 2001. Their old house was house 2000 but this one's the same only more expensive.
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Episode 9
Episode 3 - 5-11-2002
A party is held for all those who have made the England squad in the World cup 2002. John Sargeant is outside Stephen Byer's office. We go into Chris Evans and Billie Piper's house and they're in bed, they don't feel right realising they're not drunk & Prince Edward gets a call and the Big brother people have excepted the tape.
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Episode 8
Episode 2 - 5-04-2002
The Royals take part in a Scooby Doo spoof. Tony Blair wants to fine parents who are not controling their kids. Their's an F1 race and Michael Schumacher and David Coultard are neck-to-neck & Joan Collins finally reaches the top of her stairlift but she accidently pulls a lever making the stairlift go all the way down again.
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Episode 7
Episode 1 - 4-27-2002
Gordon Brown is on Stars in your eyes.Gareth Gates suggests to Chris Eubank that he should see his speech therapist. Prince Charles tells off Harry for going around doing Ali G impressions (where he's Arri G)& Tony and Cherie Blair have dinner with the Prescotts.
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Season 1  
New Years (2001) Special
Episode 7 - 12-31-2001
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Episode 6
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Episode 5
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Episode 4
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Episode 3
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Episode 2
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Episode 1
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