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The Resident

TV Show
4 Seasons
59 Episodes
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The Resident Poster
A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good and bad, in modern-day medicine.
The Resident Poster

The Resident

TV Show
4 Seasons
59 Episodes
A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good and bad, in modern-day medicine.
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Hulu 4 Seasons
DirecTV On Demand 1 Season
FOX 2 Seasons
fuboTV 1 Season
FOX 2 Seasons


iTunes 4 Seasons
iTunes 4 Seasons
Google Play 3 Seasons
Google Play 3 Seasons
Amazon 4 Seasons
Amazon 4 Seasons
VUDU 3 Seasons
VUDU 3 Seasons
VUDU 3 Seasons
YouTube 3 Seasons
Microsoft Store 1 Season
Microsoft Store 1 Season
FandangoNOW 4 Seasons
FandangoNOW 4 Seasons
YouTube 3 Seasons
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Latest Episodes

Season 4 Episode 1
The Resident Episode: A Wedding A Funeral
January 12th 2021
Season 3 Episode 20
The Resident Episode: Burn It All Down
April 7th 2020
Season 3 Episode 19
The Resident Episode: Support System
March 24th 2020
Season 3 Episode 18
The Resident Episode: So Long Dawn Long
March 17th 2020
Season 3 Episode 17
The Resident Episode: Doll E Wood
March 10th 2020
Season 3 Episode 16
The Resident Episode: Reverse Cinderella
March 3rd 2020
Season 3 Episode 15
The Resident Episode: Last Shot
February 18th 2020
Season 3 Episode 14
The Resident Episode: The Flea
January 28th 2020
Season 3 Episode 13
The Resident Episode: How Conrad Gets His Groove Back
January 21st 2020
Season 3 Episode 12
The Resident Episode: Best Laid Plans
January 14th 2020


Matt Czuchry
Conrad Hawkins
Emily VanCamp
Nicolette 'Nic' Nevin
Manish Dayal
Devon Pravesh
Bruce Greenwood
Randolph Bell
Jane Leeves
Kit Voss
Morris Chestnut
Dr. Barrett Cain
Melina Kanakaredes
Lane Hunter
Denitra Isler
Nurse Hundley
Merrin Dungey
Claire Thorpe
Moran Atias
Renata Morali
Vince Foster
Paul Chu
Radek Lord
Grayson Betournay
Rob Yang
Logan Kim
Julianna Guill
Jessie Nevin
Michael Weston
Gordon Page
Miles Gaston Villanueva
Dr. Alec Shaw
Corbin Bernsen
Kyle Nevin
Glenn Morshower
Marshall Winthrop
Steven Reddington
Bradley Jenkins
Patrick R Walker
Micah Stevens
Daniella Alonso
Zoey Barnett
Warren Christie
Jude Silva
Kearran Giovanni
Andrea Braydon

Featured Comments/Tips

blackrider says...
3 years ago
"I seriously question the rationale behind the ability to be able to vote on an not yet aired shows. Where do people up-voting or down-voting these shows get their decisions from? It's flawed!!"
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   14 0 4
Odrel says...
2 years ago
"I remember sighing when I first learned about The Resident: "Argh, another medical show!". After watching season 1, I have to admit enjoying the show so far. The Resident is a medical drama that attempts to explore a darker side of medicine than we usually get to see on TV. Now there is a cliche boy wonder doctor, actually two of them, but this only felt annoying in the first and maybe second episodes. The credits of the last episode are rolling as I'm typing this comment yet I'm struggling to actually remember the medical cases in this season. That's because the show isn't about hospitals or medicine, it's the backdrop to tell a story about strong and stubborn characters, political struggles and the business of healthcare. And yet, it seems that they've put a lot of thoughts into making the show medically accurate. There are small changes they could have made to make the overarching story of season 1 feel more dramatic and flow better, but the fact that I find myself trying to find improvements for a medical drama tells me all I need to know. I'll be watching season 2 right away!"
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   5 0 0
modelno1 says...
3 years ago
"First medical show to do recussitation according to ALS and not just standing around and administering shocks. Kudos."
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   5 0 0
Astaraya says...
3 years ago
"Of the two medical dramas that have aired this season, The Resident is perhaps the one that's kind of shocked me the most. Going in, I would have thought that The Good Doctor would be more my speed with the same creators as House and the whole aspect of medical mysteries. However, The Resident tells a much more compelling story of the very serious problems that can occur in hospitals due to running healthcare like businesses. Each of the characters became more interesting as time went on and has become easily one of my favourite new shows from this cycle. I look forward to the next season. "
Like  -   Dislike  -   Comment  -   2 0 0

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