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3-2-1 Contact

TV Show
7 Seasons
223 Episodes
3-2-1 Contact is an American science educational television show that aired on PBS from 1980 to 1988, and an adjoining children's magazine. The show, a production of the Children's Television Workshop, teaches scientific principles and their applications. Dr. Edward G. Atkins, who was responsible for much of the scientific content of the show, felt that the TV program wouldn't replace a classroom but would open the viewers to ask questions about the scientific purpose of things.
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Latest Episodes

Season 7 Episode 30
321 Contact Episode: Island Conch
November 18th 1988
Season 7 Episode 29
321 Contact Episode: Island Flamingos
November 17th 1988
Season 7 Episode 28
321 Contact Episode: Island Coral
November 16th 1988
Season 7 Episode 27
321 Contact Episode: Island Lizards
November 15th 1988
Season 7 Episode 26
321 Contact Episode: Island Parrot Fish
November 14th 1988
Season 7 Episode 25
321 Contact Episode: Greece The Parthenon
November 11th 1988
Season 7 Episode 24
321 Contact Episode: Greece Sheep  Cheese
November 10th 1988
Season 7 Episode 23
321 Contact Episode: Greece Before History
November 9th 1988
Season 7 Episode 22
321 Contact Episode: Greece Under The Ash
November 8th 1988
Season 7 Episode 21
321 Contact Episode: Greece The Journey Begins
November 7th 1988


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