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Season 1  
War Games
Episode 6 - 3-14-2018
When Shafik lashes out, #WarGames must take desperate measures and Kelly is faced with an impossible decision.
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Winning Move
Episode 5 - 3-14-2018
#WarGames teams up with a journalist and a sandstormer to capture the evidence that Fatima needs to prove the U.S. is aiding Shafik.
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Making Coffee
Episode 4 - 3-14-2018
Kelly tries to return to work at the coffee shop but no-one is ready to let her give up on #WarGames so easily.
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Room Service
Episode 3 - 3-14-2018
The virtual and real worlds collide as Kelly and crew race to a downtown hotel to wipe an incriminating laptop.
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Hacking York
Episode 2 - 3-14-2018
Kelly reunites with an old friend to fight back against York News and The Sawyer Report. #WarGames is born.
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Chasing Bryce
Episode 1 - 3-14-2018
Kelly and her hacker friends dish out online justice to a pop star who has been caught performing for a foreign dictator. Jake calls with bad news.
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