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Big Little Lies

TV Show
2 Seasons
14 Episodes
Drama, Mystery
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Big Little Lies Poster
The tale of three mothers of first graders whose apparently perfect lives unravel to the point of murder.
Big Little Lies Poster

Big Little Lies

TV Show
Drama, Mystery
2 Seasons
14 Episodes
The tale of three mothers of first graders whose apparently perfect lives unravel to the point of murder.
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HBO MAX 2 Seasons
HBO GO 2 Seasons
HBO NOW 2 Seasons
HBO Via Amazon Prime 2 Seasons


iTunes 2 Seasons
iTunes 2 Seasons
Google Play 2 Seasons
Google Play 2 Seasons
FandangoNOW 2 Seasons
FandangoNOW 2 Seasons
VUDU 2 Seasons
VUDU 2 Seasons
VUDU 2 Seasons
Microsoft Store 1 Season
Microsoft Store 1 Season
Amazon 2 Seasons
Amazon 2 Seasons
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Latest Episodes

Season 2 Episode 7
Big Little Lies Episode: I Want to Know
July 21st 2019
Season 2 Episode 6
Big Little Lies Episode: The Bad Mother
July 14th 2019
Season 2 Episode 5
Big Little Lies Episode: Kill Me
July 7th 2019
Season 2 Episode 4
Big Little Lies Episode: She Knows
June 30th 2019
Season 2 Episode 3
Big Little Lies Episode: The End of the World
June 23rd 2019
Season 2 Episode 2
Big Little Lies Episode: Tell Tale Hearts
June 16th 2019
Season 2 Episode 1
Big Little Lies Episode: What Have They Done
June 9th 2019
Season 1 Episode 7
Big Little Lies Episode: You Get What You Need
April 2nd 2017
Season 1 Episode 6
Big Little Lies Episode: Burning Love
March 26th 2017
Season 1 Episode 5
Big Little Lies Episode: Once Bitten
March 19th 2017


Nicole Kidman
Celeste Wright
Reese Witherspoon
Madeline Mackenzie
Shailene Woodley
Jane Chapman
Laura Dern
Renata Klein
Adam Scott
Ed Mackenzie
Alexander Skarsgrd
Perry Wright
James Tupper
Nathan Carlson
Zo Kravitz
Bonnie Carlson
Iain Armitage
Ziggy Chapman
Jeffrey Nordling
Gordon Klein
Kathryn Newton
Abigail Carlson
Meryl Streep
Mary Louise Wright
Douglas Smith
Corey Brockfield
Darby Camp
Chloe Mackenzie
Chloe Coleman
Skye Carlson
Cameron Crovetti
Josh Wright
Nicholas Crovetti
Max Wright
David Monahan
Santiago Cabrera
Joseph Bachman
Robin Weigert
Dr. Amanda Reisman
Danielle Judovits
Sarah Baker
Thea Cunningham
Created By: David E. Kelley
Directed By: Jean-Marc Vallée (7 Episodes)
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"looking for a good short show to watch? look no further! the cast and the acting is ON POINT! the music, the editing, the cinematography, the story, ITS ALL A+!! everything about this show is amazing! a must watch!"
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"there's more emotion and thought provoking material present in this miniseries than there is in most full length tv shows. raw and powerful performances, incredible editing, an amazing soundtrack. this is truly something really special."
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"Cast, music, story... Just... Perfect. "
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Featured User Reviews

by Reno - Is this helpful?UpvoteDownvote
**A BIG mystery surrounding LITTLE kids and their LIES.**


I neither read the book nor I knew the story. So this was a surprise mini-series. As far I've heard, this one was the finest adaptation. The best ever cast and the episodes were well split with each one had a great opening and the ending. The suspense kept me alive till the final episode, final scene. Meanwhile, I made some guesses, but most of them did not happen. In my opinion, it should have been a feature film duology. Then it would have been considered one of the best film series, as well as mystery film. And the Oscars, Golden Globes would have poured in. Now it got record 14 Emmy nods and I'm waiting for the result.

Well, it all started as a normal drama about the mothers whose children are in the same school, same class. The real story kick starts when a boy who recently moved into the town with his single mother was accused of bullying a classmate girl. So the mothers gang splits up on that issue, but it seems not much affecting the children, particularly those are involved in the it. As the story progresses and episodes to come, lots of mysteries revealed about those mothers and their personal life, as well as the recent past secrets. But how it all comes to end truck with a sudden and powerful twist.

All the big screen stars foraying into the small screen were the big advantage. That's why I said it should have been a big screen film. Each one had scope for their roles. It was well balanced characters, that makes hard to predict any one direction where the story could head. From the director of 'Dallas Buyers Club' and many awesome flicks. I hope it returns for the second season, which has a very slim chance. From the locations to the musics, I loved it. A perfect mystery-drama. Everyone should see this, even if those are not into the television series. I almost gave it out of out.

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