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49 Days

49 Days (2011)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
So Hyun Kyung
So Hyun Kyung
Crew Writing Screenplay 20
Jo Young Kwang
Jo Young Kwang
Crew Directing Director 20
Choi Moon Suk
Choi Moon Suk
Crew Production Producer 20
Park Yongsoon
Park Yong-soon
Crew Directing Director 20
Lee Jungheum
Lee Jung-heum
Crew Directing Assistant Director 20
Son Byungho
Son Byung-ho
Cast Actor Oh Hae Won 20
Lee Yowon
Lee Yo-won
Cast Actress Song Yi Kyung / Shin Ji Min 20
Seo Jihye
Seo Ji-hye
Cast Actress Shin In Jung 20
Kang Sungmin
Kang Sung-min
Cast Actor No Kyung Bin 20
Nam Gyuri
Nam Gyu-ri
Cast Actress Shin Ji Hyun 20
Choi Jungwoo
Choi Jung-woo
Cast Actor Shin Il Shik / Ji Hyun's father 20
Bae Soobin
Bae Soo-bin
Cast Actor Kang Min Ho 20
Bae Geurin
Bae Geu-rin
Cast Actress Park Seo Woo 20
Moon Heekyung
Moon Hee-kyung
Cast Bang Hwa Joon 20
Kim Hochang
Kim Ho-chang
Cast Actor Ki Joon Hee 20
Kim Yoobin
Kim Yoo-bin
Cast young Ji Hyun 0
Jo Hyunjae
Jo Hyun-jae
Cast Actor Han Kang 20
Jung Ilwoo
Jung Il-woo
Cast Actor Scheduler / Song Yi Soo 20
Kim Hyeongbeom
Kim Hyeong-beom
Cast Actor another 49-days-traveller 1
Yu Jiin
Yu Ji-in
Cast Ji Hyun's mother 20
Jin Yesol
Jin Ye-sol
Cast Actress Ma Soon Jung 20
Jo Minah
Jo Min-ah
Cast Actress young Yi Kyung / young Ji Min 20
Yoon Bong Gil
Yoon Bong Gil
Cast Actor Cha Jin Young 20
Lee Jong Park
Lee Jong Park
Cast Go Mi Jin 20
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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